Commenter Points

I give people (or robots, I guess I really don’t know their true identities) Commenter Points for reasons I see fit on DC Hero. When someone gets to 5, they’re getting a prize. This will be a choice between an autographed $10 bill and a special prize that will be revealed when someone gets to 5. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Current tally (race to 5 CPs):

5 CPs:

4 CPs:

3 CPs: johnny five [1 2 (3 was a bonus point)]

2 CPs: Hope [1 2], Ava V [1 2], Kasey [1 2], Frankie [12]

1 CP: Greg [1], Me [1], mike [1], sue [1], T [1], rob [1], ry420guy [1], Rigoberto [1], spaceman [1], Kyle [1], Evan [1]


One response to “Commenter Points

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