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Using Money/Status/Power to get Women

DC Hero To The Rescue

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When I think about feminists and their revolution, I think about what their goals are. I assume these to be:

  • The removal of the ‘glass ceiling’ (ability to climb the corporate ladder)
  • Ugly girls getting treated like pretty girls do (looks don’t matter in life)
  • Being self-sufficient (women don’t need men financially, emotionally, or physically)
  • Sexual equality (women should be able to sleep with whoever they want, whenever)

What do these goals really mean? Let’s break them down:

  • I’d turn into a man if I could
  • I hate his girlfriend
  • I’d turn into a man if I could
  • I hate his girlfriend

Who, exactly, says women are complicated? It’s that single guy in his late 30’s who spent his post-college years working 65 hours a week, and he doesn’t get why girls aren’t impressed with his ‘power job’. And, of course, it should go without mentioning that the only metric he judges women by is their looks. More specifically, their “20-feet-away-looks” because that’s the distance other people will judge his trophy and (due to the life he constructed) how they will judge him and his status. (Note: girls that look better/worse at certain distances is another topic entirely that I will handle at a later time. My on-and-off relationship with glasses makes me an expert in this field.).

So, to sum it up: this type of man successfully climbed the corporate ladder, thinks his looks don’t matter, is completely self-sufficient, and bangs mudturtles, but doesn’t understand why his coveted hottie falls for those guys who aren’t as ‘successful and established’ as he is. If you’ll notice, he’s successfully acquired what many feminists want, but it’s completely failed him and left him unhappy except for the moments of post-coital bliss after banging said mudturtles (we’ve all been there, let’s be honest).

The moral: Feminists are trying to go down the same road of cold, unemotional objectivity that has failed so many men. Money, status, and power will not make you happier and they are never associated with love or freedom. Excuse me, I have to get off my high horse now.

Anyway, what was the point here? Oh yeah, when I see that guy with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes on, drinking by himself, then I see that other guy wearing a t-shirt, looking off mindlessly into the distance while some sex bomb is doing everything she can to keep his attention, I don’t ever want to be that guy in the suit.



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