My Hero

I’m a 24-year-old guy who likes women, music, and movies in that order. My moniker is ‘dc hero’, but I live in Virginia. If you’re out in the DC metropolitan area and you see a guy wearing Guess Vintage hitting on the nerd girls with glasses, congratulations, you’ve found me.


11 responses to “My Hero

  1. Pazkalen

    Nice intro d00d

  2. Guess Vintage…. those were tight. like really they were.

  3. hahaha, word, I gotta update this. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in guess vintage anymore

  4. amritasdailybiscuit


  5. Possible Fan

    I stumbled upon your blog and began to peruse a few articles, and I was humored by what I discovered. I enjoy your writing style, and feel that you could successfully write a comic book.
    I also enjoy the way you can use flawless grammar, but then slip up with something silly; I like to imagine that you’re so passionately writing that you don’t realize your mistakes.

  6. stefan

    It is a testament to my boredom and you Ridiculousness that i have spent more than 20 min looking at your blog, you have stolen the place of the single most misguided person I have ever met, and let me tell you that is quite an accomplishment.

    I hope you are at least having fun, cause if you are not I’m not sure what you have going for you.

  7. luy

    Nice intro duche bag ha! ha!

  8. Denisa

    You are an idiot
    DUmb and ugly

  9. ha! I had assumed this was written by a 12 year old

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