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Fun With Lost In Translation

rosetta stone

There’s this website where you can type something in English and it translates it through 5 other languages before translating it back to English. It’s pretty fun for short phrases that will maintain a close meaning through multiple translations. Here’s what I came up with:

Original English Text:
quiet that woman

Translated to Japanese:

Translated back to English:
Calm under this woman

That seems subtly appropriate. Let’s see what else I can come up with here:

Original English Text:
i love you dchero, i love you

Translated back to English:
Esteem the dchero, I, he loves

Looks like some women were involved in that string of translations. But that’s pretty well done with the compliment put before the verbal assumption. There’s something to learn here ladies.

But there’s one thing I tried that never got lost in translation:

Original English Text:
dchero is great

Translated to Japanese:
dchero は大きい

Translated back to English:
dchero is large

Translated to Chinese:
dchero 是大的

Translated back to English:
dchero is big

Translated to Portuguese:
dchero é grande

Translated back to English:
dchero is great


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Human Evolution Continues

hot half asian girl

Many people assume that human evolution has either stopped or slowed down gradually in recent millennia. It’s pretty easy to understand why. We like to think that outside of some small genetic variation, people are created equal. I mean, everyone knows how darker skin helps against a strong sun and how big breasts help feed both babies and men (in times of famine), but there’s definitely a line you’re not supposed to cross (at least in America) when you’re talking about genetic differences between races.

You probably can’t talk about how Ashkenazi Jews have a higher average intelligence than any other racial group or how Black people dominate sprint events and basketball (no citation needed). But you definitely can talk about how Kenyans win marathons. You can also say pretty much anything negative about White people for some reason.

Well, in any case, human evolution continues. Here’s a journal paper on the details. To sum it up, evolution isn’t happening because of death before reproduction as much as it’s happening because of the overwhelming level of sexual selection that’s happening. In other words, people have more choices than they ever have before. Along with that, the races are mixing as much as they ever have before.

The really interesting thing is how the brain is evolving. One example is how one form of DRD4 has become much more common over the last few thousand years. It’s a “novelty seeking” gene that has been associated with ADHD. It’s not hard to see how that would be advantageous in modern society. See my last post on chaos. But there’s also evolution happening in muscle tissue, hair, hearing, immune-system function, skin pigmentation, sense of smell, and the body’s response to heat stress.

So, what’s the moral here? Well, if human evolution is not only happening, but it’s accelerating, there’s one thing we can say for sure: there could be mutant X-Men living among us. However, since the brain is probably evolving the fastest because this evolution is hidden, the first X-Men won’t be of the Iceman/Cyclops/Nightcrawler variety. Instead, they will be the Professor X’s, the Jean Grey’s, and the Emma Frost’s. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about this, except to invest in the research of anti-telepathy helmets. Hopefully, the government is already doing this.


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Master of Chaos

fractal cloud

Few would argue against the idea that our world continues to get more complex as it’s pace of change increases. I call the combination the increase of “social entropy”. It turns out that even though I just came up with this term, it appears to already exist and the definition is close the definition I would have come up with, though it’s poorly worded.

In any case, the idea is as Social Entropy advances, class distinctions begin to disappear as individual specialization provides everyone a reasonable opportunity at a niche for success. This has slowly been happening over the last several hundred years, highlighted by various national Revolutions, the Napoleonic Code, etc. But more recently, the decline of social status (including the decline of sexual status, aka male-dominance) has led to an incredibly level playing field that is unparalleled in human history. Obviously inequalities exist, but……. I shouldn’t have to finish that point.

With class distinctions disappearing, your wealth and possessions are less important than the information you control and the tools you have at your disposal to process and interpret this information. The idea is that, in a level playing field, opportunity will be presented to everyone equally. It’s what you are able to do with this opportunity that will determine your success. These opportunities are often fleeting and once-in-a-lifetime.

With this said, it is more important than ever to master the chaotic parts of life where fast, life-changing decisions are usually made that leave so many people confused and disillusioned. These include crowded bars, auctions, car accidents, riots, mosh pits, natural disasters, and any other scenes in life where most people give up on thinking and go with their instincts to deal with the pressure and urgency of the situation. That’s a terrible idea because only lemmings use their instincts and do what everyone else would do (those two things are synonymous). You’re a human being and human beings do one thing, and one thing only, better than animals do: we make plans. So what are the rules for mastering chaos?

  1. Stick with the plan
  2. If you don’t have a plan, make a plan
  3. There’s always time to make a plan

If you can master chaos, you will be great under pressure, which is the true ticket for being successful in the modern world.


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Dancing at Marvin

In a Saturday Night Stroll on U St. not atypical of others I’ve taken in the past year, I found myself on the porch of the fabulous Marvin. With the soul-food/Belgian kitchen (that may very well rip Roscoe’s) long closed, Belgian beers are the clever remnant of this strange Northern European culture for the night crowd. The outdoor porch area’s bar is much better suited to dealing these beers than it’s smaller indoor counterpart, which I suppose is the main reason I immediately migrated onto the porch after entry.

In a moment of pause and epiphany, it came to me how the female ratio was lower on said porch than I had anticipated. My partner in crime suggested a relocation indoors, where female ratios were much more favorable. After initially wondering why these young women would prefer to be in a louder and darker indoor arena over a more open area outside, I realized this was due to a fundamental difference between the sexes I had observed many times in many different places.

Of course, a pack of women on what could easily pass for a dance floor will not spontaneously dance when music is put into the air. If you ask them why they are not dancing in spite of their clear desires, they will reply simply: ‘because no one else is dancing.’ The inertia of women is truly something to behold. Inspired by pictures on the wall of the great entertainers from yesteryear and perhaps by the spirit of the Prince of Motown himself, I found the closest married woman I could find (married women have an strange relationship with dancing I can’t quite put my finger on) to put the dance party in motion. With the Dancing Sickness spreading through the room like a new strain of syphilis, the hands of Chaos were starting to guide the young women through the night.

It felt like the room was opened as the weight of non-dancing was lifted off of everyone’s shoulders. Of course, it also could have all been a figment of my imagination. Clearly.


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Eye to Eye with Girls

michella cruz

By now, everyone should understand that the best way to build sexual attraction is sustained eye-contact. If you don’t know, now you know. *’Juicy’ Riff* Some will say you should start building sexual attraction right away with a girl. I disagree. It’s much better to intimidate, dominate, and isolate her first to take the controls out of her hands and put them in your hands, where she wants them to be.

Maybe that amounts to ‘building sexual attraction’ after all. I mean, whatever, it’s a semantic argument. And too much time gets wasted on semantic arguments. Anyway, in order to make good eye contact, you need to be on the same vertical level as the girl you’re making eye contact with. Tilted heads make poor trust-building eye contact.

So to level the height advantage that you should have on the girl (remember, if your woman is taller than you and outweighs you, you are not a man. actually, just make that “if your woman outweighs you”), there’s a couple things you can do. Sitting down isn’t an option because it limits your aggression and dominant body language. Slouching does the same thing. That means there’s only one option: putting your feet further apart to go down to her level. I’m a huge believer in this for a few reasons:

  1. You make better eye contact
  2. You can position your feet to invade her personal space (when she gives you the go-ahead, don’t do it too early)
  3. You can position your feet and other objects/fat people in your pick-up arena to drastically reduce her avenues of escape down to ‘pushing you aside and running for the fire exit’

I think if you’re really tall, this won’t work. Of course if you’re really tall, you probably settle for the mediocre girls who come up to you instead of working on your game. Kudos to the tall guys who don’t settle.

Now, I’m not going to be playing in the NBA anytime soon and I always manage to see guys who are shorter than I am with smoking hot chicks. I’m convinced more than ever that the eye-to-eye technique they can execute naturally is key to their success. In fact, I’m convinced that most, if not all, of my life success making good impressions is based on this theory of eye contact.

After thinking about this as I’m writing it, I see the right way to explain this. I am a natural, so it’s not so easy for me to explain. It’s like Tiger Woods describing how to read a putt. On approach, you want to seem as big and tall as possible to trigger her fear-reflex. Then, at the time she lets you move into her personal zone (if you don’t know when this is, just stay on the green circles and stop fucking up my moguls), it’s time to execute the repositioning of feet where you can trap her and bring yourself down to her eye-level. If you can maintain eye contact with her for 1-5 minutes after this (depending on her hotness rating and drunkenness level), you’ve got her. Oh damn, imagine if girls had LEDs on their heads with their BACs on them? I’d be doing numbers like Sudoku.


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Wale, W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

Wale (Wah-lay) is the DC Rap savior, I’m finally on the bandwagon.


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Moving to a New Place: Phase I – Detach and Observe

In honor of a few graduates I know, this is part 1 of posts I have planned on Moving to a New Place. It’s important to keep in mind that the moving I’m talking about can be physical or social, but I’ll focus on physical for clarity. The same concepts are involved.

I’ve ‘moved to a new place’ 4 or 5 times in the last 6 years. Each time, I knew essentially nobody in the new place I was moving and things have always turned out pretty well. This doesn’t make me particularly gifted, other people have done the same thing. But I’ve moved to and through some very diverse cultures and I think my theories for moving are better than anyone else’s.

Phase 1 is the first two months of the move. The most important part of Phase 1 is to let go of all attachments from your previous locales. Those friends/lovers should not be used as an emotional crutch for readjustment. You have important decisions to make and if they care about you they will be there for you after you’ve transitioned and you don’t need that safety net clouding your judgment. Besides, it’s a proven fact as far as I’m concerned that long distance relationships only work for insecure failures. Everyone else ends up breaking up, just do it and get it over with.

The second most important part of Phase 1 is to avoid making good friends with anyone. Outside of very rare cases, people who are willing to be best friends with you a few days after randomly meeting you are desperate and lonely and not quality human beings. Be patient and slowly build your circle of friends because you meet best friends through other friends. The biggest mistake you can make is making friends too quickly because most of the time these people will be below you. Don’t date anyone in Phase 1.

The third most important part of Phase 1 is to explore your surroundings. Go to as many bars/nightspots as time will allow you, starting with those closest to your house. Don’t visit the same place twice until you feel you have exhausted other reasonable options. This will serve the purpose of:

  1. Providing a means of meeting a good variety of people
  2. Creating conversation fodder for other locals you will meet
  3. Finding your niche in your new location

The 3rd point illustrates the most important part of moving to a new place. If you can understand enough of the local culture, you’ll be able to tailor your personality to a point where you will be able to interact meaningfully with your surroundings. I can see the argument that this is insincere, but that’s quite the arrogant stance. This world is bigger than you are. You have to fit in with your surroundings to be able to modify them to suit your needs.

Remember, if you can understand someone’s innermost desires, you can control them. A parallel can be drawn from an individual to a culture.


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