Fat Girls

I knew this girl in High School who was morbidly obese. She had an eating disorder. She ate too much. Sometime during college (or the time she would have been in college if she went) she got gastric bypass surgery and she got down to a normal weight.

When I saw her at her normal weight, she wasn’t very attractive. Still below average. I postulated that her general unattractiveness had a hand in why she was so overweight in High School. Oh, and she still acted like a fat girl. Totally didn’t know how to act as a non-obese member of society.

This has me thinking about girls who starve themselves to get thin. Whether bulimic or anorexic, I feel like they need some advice on how to do it at the least. I mean, I’m all for giving clean needles to heroin addicts. Why not give some good advice on how to do an eating disorder correctly?

The problem I see with most of them is that they look unhealthy due to malnourishment. I mean, at least have a multi-vitamin with that water. Isn’t starving yourself a bad way to lose weight anyway? I have no idea. I’ve just found myself in a position where I’m writing about something I know very little about. I’m just another one of those bloggers who writes shit about something they are ill-informed about. Sorry about that.


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34 responses to “Fat Girls

  1. If you are gonna take a swipe at fat girls, at least think it through…

  2. LuLi

    Dieting advice to people with anorexia and bulimia? Thats messed up.
    Kind of ironic though, they derive their sickness from posts like the one you were beginning, on fatness in women. Was this your master plan? Touche`

  3. most people with eating disorders have issues with self esteem through things that happened to them at a younger age. they use food to deal with their problems. Most also think weight loss will automatically lead to a happier life, which is why people like the girl you described above have no idea how to act like a regular member of society.

  4. Frankie

    Some time ago I saw a YouTube video by a girl who suffered from anorexia. To be honest, her appearance made me suspect that by emphasizing her self-created weight problem, she tried to take the attention away from the unattractiveness of her face. Which was her real and original problem, if you ask me. But surprizingly (or not so surprising) she didn’t mention that.

    Furthermore, it strikes me that lots of anorectic girls are not so much fat when they have a normal weight, but their bodies don’t have very nice proportions either. I’m not saying that all women should have perfectly proportionate bodies. What I do want to say is that it’s high time that women stop focussing on trying to please men’s eyes, as if men are important in life. Get real!

    • Raychel

      I tottally agree, we don’t need to please men. They need to accept us for who we are…I just randomly came across this site, i’m only 15 but I have to say the non-popular and no clicky girls should be the ones guys turn their attetion to because all the snobby ass little rich girls have nothing on the inside.

  5. johnny five

    dch: Isn’t starving yourself a bad way to lose weight anyway? I have no idea.

    not necessarily, believe it or not.
    plenty of obese subjects have successfully lost weight on starvation or starvation-inspired diets, such as the protein sparing modified fast (psmf); seriously obese subjects have been fasted for up to a year (with vitamin and mineral supplementation) with few ill health effects.

    you’re right, though, about the multivitamin. anyone consuming under 1200 calories per day on a regular or semi-regular basis is at risk for anemia, bone loss, and all sorts of other deficiency-related diseases usually seen only in poor tropical countries, like beriberi and pellagra.

    the problem, of course, is that anything resembling starvation cuts back on the body’s metabolic rate, so that the subjects are extremely likely to regain a significant fraction of the weight once they resume normal eating.
    exercise is king.

    it strikes me that lots of anorectic girls are not so much fat when they have a normal weight … What I do want to say is that it’s high time that women stop focussing on trying to please men’s eyes, as if men are important in life.

    this is self-contradictory. if these girls aren’t fat to begin with, then their weight loss has nothing, repeat NOTHING, to do with pleasing or attracting men.

    it appears you’re writing under the ludicrous assumption that men are attracted to anorexically thin women and/or would like their women to become, or stay, anorexically thin. tell me sweetie, do you know any straight men?

  6. johnny five

    finally, dch:
    Oh, and she still acted like a fat girl. Totally didn’t know how to act as a non-obese member of society.

    you can’t say something like this without a followup explanation! way to make us lick all the way to the center of the blog post and not find any proverbial candy.

    how do fat girls act, in dchero’s world? do you mean
    (1) she’s surly and sullen with everyone, under the self-fulfilling prophecy that people won’t like her?
    (2) she’ll spread it for any man who looks at her a second time to gain some form of ephemeral acceptance and validation?
    (3) she acts like a guy, pounding beers and yelling drunkenly at the lakers game, because women don’t want to hang out with her and men only see her as ‘a friend’?
    which one is it, man? don’t leave us hangin’

  7. Lemmonex, that’s fair. But when I went to take my shot at the fatties, I realized I was rehashing age-old arguments without adding anything meaningful. I was just like every other blogger I hate.

    johnny five, it boils down to what I like to call the “fat mentality”, which is a childish spiral of instant gratification, excuses, and failure. In my eyes, this mental fatness is more problematic than the physical fatness that grips American society. I will try to follow up with a full write up on this topic.

  8. Frankie

    @ Johnny Five

    Anorexia IS contradictory!

    It is a way of gaining self esteem by regarding oneself as very disciplined. Anorectics know very well, I assume, that the result is not exactly very appealing to men, to put it mildly. What started out as a beauty-ideal is traded in the process, for the compulsion to be disciplined. A bit later, it’s not even a matter of discipline anymore. Their bodies just refuse food, even if they want to eat, and their bodily functions fall out.

    But one thing is for sure: there wouldn’t be so many pro-ana girls in the first place if the beautystandards for models were a bit curvier. And it’s true that it’s mostly girls themselves, who judge one another by the fashionability of their postures. But, why is fashionability so important? Because they believe it is important in life to attract men. And it’s ever so incorrect to believe that to begin with.

  9. Frankie

    O, and no, I know as little straight men as I possibly can. I don’t like men.

  10. Kasey

    Why the hell are you writing about fat girls? You need to get out son. I just spent a week in Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach (Cali) and it’s awesome. Went up to Santa Monica Pier, hit Malibu, partied with hot hot blondes, and got down. I came so much, don’t think I have any more liquids in me.

    — Written from Denver International Airport, the airport in Country with free Wi-Fi (go ahead, check the IP address)

  11. You’re right Kasey, it does seem like a pretty big waste of my time. I got into a big argument with some fatties in the fatosphere over the weekend and I wrote a couple blog posts about it. I’m posting up the second one tomorrow. And yeah man, I lived out there a couple years ago. The girls don’t get any hotter than SoCal.

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  13. Danimal

    Well, as any normal functional member of society would deduce- people are overwieght for an array of reasons (genetics, thyroid, depression, psych., etc, etc) a lot of people (women especially) eat “comfort food”. Meaning they are sad so they eat, they are lonley so they eat, they are fat so (believe it or not) they eat. It is a very unhealthy cycle and one that is very difficult to break. I didn’t quite get you comments about your friend not “knowing how to act as a non-obese member of society”. This infers, somehow, that a thin person plays a different (or even better?) role in society. This is an absurd and predudicial point of view. Yes, of course starving yourself is bad (in any capacity). But, if it were healthy to do it- they wouldn’t call it a “disorder”. I myself prefer a big healthy girl (size 8 is about the SMALLEST woman I’ve dated- even then I was like “honey, you need to eat”) I’ve dated women size 26+. Just know that obesity in America is a complex issue spanning across many different fields of medicine & society. I wish you all the best.


  14. Catherine

    Thanks for me making me feel like a second class citizen.

  15. Andrew

    I do agree on the point that anorexics and bulimics should be better informed. Afterward, the choice is theirs whether to pursue that particular lifestyle.

    -“This is anorexia nervosa aka starvation. It’s what a lot of Africans do before they die an excruciating, slow death.”
    -“This is bulimia. It’s when you put food inside of you, activating your digestive system. Then, you remove the food via regurgitation. You end up dying an excruciating, slow death as your stomach acids dissolve you from the inside-out.”
    -“Now that you have the facts, go do your thing. Or don’t. It’s all good.”

    Btw, that “non-obese member of society” put a big smile on my face.

  16. Lia

    What the hell is wrong with you? You’re an idiot…

  17. george

    i want a fat girl for hoppy time

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  19. Jazmynn

    you are one ignorant close minded little boy. i feel sorry for you’re future kids if this is the mind state you plan on setting for them. please dont multiply. do the world a favor and leave the ignorance to yourself.

  20. seniorkrcic

    skinny people are a minority.

  21. REX


  22. Salam Man Az zanaye chagh kheyli khosham miadddd(just for fucking)i like fa girls just for F U C K

  23. Vir

    I swear this girl used to date one of my guildies.

  24. Your post made me laugh. I think the people on here complaining to you about it, should take that stick out of their ass. Giving advice to fat girls on how to get an eating disorder is a great idea, and should be taught at every high school, or even elementary school (some girls start eating at a young age). >: )

    • San

      Please don’t write something like that. Giving fat girls advice on how to eat healthily is a good idea. Giving anyone advice on how to “get” an eating disorder is unethical and destructive. Your post shows how little you care about the rest of humanity. I hope none of your family members or close friends ever has an ED, because they would be in terrible hands.

  25. Like Jim wrote it is correct

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  27. Josie

    hello there XXX,
    I see this add as something very EDUCATIONAL and someting I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, now I know to NEVER ge fat because people like u wont like me…yayyyyyyy……..ugly ass.

  28. jase

    fuck up u bunch of fat fucks if ur fat kill ur self

  29. chris

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  30. chris

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