The Fat Mentality

star jones fat skinny

In the comment section for Fat Girls I started to explain the ‘Fat Mentality’. It’s an attitude of failure most often seen in fat people, but also seen in others. Together, let’s call these people Fat Mentality Individuals (FMIs). The Mentality is most obvious to me when I see somebody who used to be fat but hasn’t adjusted to being normal sized yet: a true FMI specimen.

That picture above is of Star Jones, the poster-woman for this idea who was fired from the View after losing 160 pounds to be replaced by a new FMI: Rosie O’Donnell. Everybody on the View loved Fat Star Jones, but when she kept the Fat Mentality after power shredding blubber, things changed, and suddenly Star wasn’t the non-threatening fattie American soccer-moms knew and loved. She was just a loudmouth who didn’t know how to handle the different type of attention: the envy of other women. FMIs have no experience of envy directed at them, it always travels in the other direction.

Let’s make a list of Fat Mentality traits, feel free to play along at home, I’m sure we all know some good ones:

  1. They draw attention to themselves in a childish way
  2. If they get the aforementioned attention, they don’t have the composure to handle the spotlight
  3. The spiral is simple: instant gratification, excuse, failure. Cheating on a diet to eat a pint of Chunky Monkey is a microcosm of the larger and more pervasive Fat Mentality.
  4. Inability to deal with complex emotions, largely because they haven’t had much experience with them. Let’s be honest here, Fat People haven’t felt the same dizzying highs and lows of love as the rest of society. Skinny FMIs also find themselves in this situation.
  5. Nonsensical deep sentimental attachments to movie characters, television shows, and animals. FMIs tend to place these things above their relationships with those around them. I would like to believe this one isn’t true.
  6. No patience, especially for self-improvement. I hate people like that. When it comes down to it, FMIs are mounds of unpleasant crybaby. I could keep this list going for hours, literally.

I have my own theory about how FMIs end up with this Fat Mentality: inability to deal with failure. The only way I can see for fatties to avoid the Fat Mentality is to have the type of self-confidence that revolves around self-criticism with no fear of failure. The only way to do this is through colossal failure followed by redemption. I think both fat and skinny FMIs had formative years littered with small failures, but never had those big, life-changing failures. I can say I’ve never met an FMI who could take failure in stride, a trait observed in those who have successfully dealt with failure in the past.

P.S.: if you weren’t aware, there’s a fatosphere of bloggers out there who are fat-screaming (you know what I mean) how they have every right to be fat while questioning the health effects of being fat. They have holidays like No Lose Weight Day and National Donut Day. I didn’t have to go far to find the CDC’s opinion on that one. Answer me this, fatosphere: why are you wasting your time and lives fighting for a losing cause? Do you realize that you will always be hated by people who diet and exercise to stay thin? Those who diet and exercise believe that being fat is reversible and losing weight is a positive step in life for many reasons. Your polar opposite view is, well, polarizing and standoffish.

Fat people aren’t the only ones who diet, hate to break it to you. Is the aforementioned group wrong for dieting? Are you morally opposed to them? Do you even realize that the competing ideologies are natural enemies and they significantly outnumber you?

If you really believe that you’re genetically disposed to be fat, you have to find a way to be genetically tested and labeled as such. This is the ONLY way the slim, dieting population will ever accept you and not discriminate against you (which, I believe, is your goal). The slim, non-dieters don’t care about you either way. And tell me fatties, how long does it take to get off when you can get 1/2″ of penetration?


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17 responses to “The Fat Mentality

  1. TP

    Do women actually envy Star Jones? That could blow your whole thesis. Star Jones 2.0 completely grosses me out. Not D. Wade, apparently.

  2. That whole D.Wade thing is creepy. Maybe it has to do with how Black guys like big women. He sees the potential in her to be huge again.

  3. OK, you are on base with a few things here, but you could not be more wrong on the “Inability to deal with complex emotions, largely because they haven’t had much experience with them” tip. Fat people are hated by society and they experience every single day the complex emotions of being shunned for what you look like.

    And if you are talking about former fatties, isn’t it wrong to talk about no patience for self-improvement? What is more self-improving than losing a shit ton of weight?

    You missed the mark here, but good try.

  4. Lemmonex, being shunned is not a complex emotion. Complex emotions are saturated with the thoughts and cognition that arise from lessons learned. Guilt, regret, patience, etc. are complex emotions. The Fat Mentality is too selfish to have room for these. Instead, they rely on the standby emotions of happiness, repentance, amusement, etc.. Feeling shame from being shunned is inherently childish, as it assumes there’s nothing in the shamed’s power to do anything about it. Just my take.

    And I agree it normally requires patience for losing weight. However, all of the 3 people I know who have lost a ton of weight have done it with the help of some type of medical procedure. It’s a small sample size, I agree, but I’d love to know what fraction of people lose over 100 pounds and keep it off with only diet & exercise.

  5. Being shunned and the resulting emotions are complex. Do you think fat people don’t feel sorrow? Regret? They know what you think about them and how you judge them.

    I lost 65 lbs 2.5 years ago. I kept it off. Not quite 100 lbs but not a small amount. If that’s not patience I don’t know what is.

    I am just saying; there is a mentality. But I think you are taking the easy way out here.

  6. I had been waiting for you to get back on the fat people eradication train. Welcome back.

    Very insightful post.

    “The fatosphere of bloggers…” I just shivered in disgust when I read that line.

  7. Wow, the amount of sheer hatred in your venomous post just oozes through my monitor. First of all, I find it laughable that you refer to the same CDC that got caught in a bold faced lie recently about how “deadly” obesity is. Just read here for more info on that.

    Second, you’re a man – so tell me? What on earth could you possibly know about being a fat girl? I’ll tell you instead. NOTHING.

    Finally, the fatosphere isn’t just about fat acceptance. It’s about personal acceptance. It’s about recognizing that being healthy doesn’t equal trying to squeeze into a society deemed acceptable size.

    You very briefly mention eating disorders when you clearly haven’t an iota of information on what they are or what it’s like to live with one. I’ve lived with one for more than half my life… and it’s only since I gave up dieting and being consumed by counting Points or calories that it’s begun to be silenced. It will NEVER go away. Not completely.

    But then, I don’t fit into your description – as I’m sure most of my fellow “fatties” wouldn’t. I’m happily married to an amazing man who loves me because I fucking rock his world. A bitter little boy like you might have some trouble with that concept… rejected by a fat girl at some point, were you?

    PS. I’d answer your last question, but it’s laughable.

    PPS. It’s not only about ending discrimination… for me, anyway. I’m not part of the “fatosphere” because I am interested in women of ALL sizes loving themselves as they are right now. Since you’re only interested in further beating down the self-esteem of women everywhere so you can feel like a Big Man with a matching member, I’m sure you can’t possibly understand that concept.

  8. Juliet,

    I find it laughable that you refer to the same CDC…

    It must be comfortable to think that obesity has no health risks. Here are a few other orgainizations that would disagree with you:

    The RAND global think-tank
    The NIH (NIDDK)
    The National Cancer Institute
    The American Heart Association

    Oh and here’s a Harvard School of Public Health rebuttal to the flawed JAMA paper that you probably over-rely on as support for your foolish assertions.

    Sorry about just giving one reference from those fools over at the CDC.

    rejected by a fat girl at some point, were you?

    I’ve never confessed my love to a fat woman and been rejected. To be fair, I’ve never had any feelings for a fat woman.

    I’d answer your last question, but it’s laughable.

    Is it really?

  9. Fat people who want to have rights and dignity like everyone else are “polarizing and standoffish” and yet you get your jollies writing hateful posts like this? Your hypocrisy is pretty amazing.

  10. Did you even read the whole thing? To sum it up, I divided the population into four groups: fat dieters, fat non-dieters, skinny dieters, and skinny non-dieters. I also said the fatosphere individuals are ideological enemies with skinny dieters, which is a substantial portion of the population. I don’t see how that can be a positive thing.

    And denial of the negative health effects of obesity is pretty amazing.

  11. seniorkrcic

    skinny people are a minority.

  12. Alyssa

    Wow. I am in total shock. What makes you so sure about all of this? Were YOU obese at some point in time? If not, you must have the supernatural ability to feel the emotions of anyone and everyone.

  13. luy

    Fuck this guy is fucked up in the head, DCHERO go kill yourself and make YOUand us a favor. Thanks bitch ha! ha!

  14. The View company was wrong from firing you because you reveal your weight lost!

  15. You were the best co-host that they ever have!

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  17. Jenn

    Some fat people don’t hate themselves like you use to.
    You’re just angry with the person you use to be.

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