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‘Science’ is Worse Than Religon

“The funny thing about ideas is that they’re outdated well before they’re abandoned” – DC Hero

In 1543, Nicholas Copernicus published a book that proved mathematically what the Greeks, Indians, Muslims, and an untold number of other ancient civilizations had known but never fully explained: that the Sun is at the center of the Universe. This proof triggered an avalanche of many other ‘it’s about time’ proofs in many unrelated scientific disciplines, which collectively many historians refer to as the Scientific Revolution. This removed some long-held power from the Church, which had previously moonlighted as a place for Scientific ideas in addition to the Spiritual ones.

Now, the major players in all of this business (especially Galileo) realized that:

  1. They were taking power away from the Church that didn’t belong to the Church to begin with
  2. There were things that Science would never be able to explain

I really think Einstein said it best: “What separates me from most so-called atheists is a feeling of utter humility toward the unattainable secrets of the harmony of the cosmos.” There are people who really believe that Science can explain everything (the people who have DarwinFish on their cars). What’s terrifying is they’re the ones who don’t know anything about Science, they’re the girls who major in Philosophy and blab on about the power of logic and reason. I’d swear those girls off if they weren’t so damn easy. But really, these people are shockingly similar to those who believe that Religion can explain everything; those people don’t have a grasp of what Religion is supposed to be about. It really boils down to whether you use Religion to explain the explainable, or you use Science to explain the unexplainable. Yeah, that’s it.

Hm, well it seems that if you had a Religion where people blindly accepted things about the Universe, but those things were actually Scientifically accurate, then you would have a Religion that actually worked very well. In other words, the institution of Religion has the capacity to explain the explainable accurately. Now, on the other hand, Science will never have the capacity to explain the unexplainable unless broad, untestable lies are created. However, this is counter to the institution of Science. Q.E.D..

Oh, and can the people who say “Religion kills many innocent people because they’re doing it in the name of God and they believe they’re righteous…”. Um, sweetheart, people die at the hands of weapons, which are the ultimate driver of Science and technology. The Crusades would not have been possible with Stone Age technology. Weapons kill people, Science makes weapons, Science kills people. Q.E.D..



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Human Evolution Continues

hot half asian girl

Many people assume that human evolution has either stopped or slowed down gradually in recent millennia. It’s pretty easy to understand why. We like to think that outside of some small genetic variation, people are created equal. I mean, everyone knows how darker skin helps against a strong sun and how big breasts help feed both babies and men (in times of famine), but there’s definitely a line you’re not supposed to cross (at least in America) when you’re talking about genetic differences between races.

You probably can’t talk about how Ashkenazi Jews have a higher average intelligence than any other racial group or how Black people dominate sprint events and basketball (no citation needed). But you definitely can talk about how Kenyans win marathons. You can also say pretty much anything negative about White people for some reason.

Well, in any case, human evolution continues. Here’s a journal paper on the details. To sum it up, evolution isn’t happening because of death before reproduction as much as it’s happening because of the overwhelming level of sexual selection that’s happening. In other words, people have more choices than they ever have before. Along with that, the races are mixing as much as they ever have before.

The really interesting thing is how the brain is evolving. One example is how one form of DRD4 has become much more common over the last few thousand years. It’s a “novelty seeking” gene that has been associated with ADHD. It’s not hard to see how that would be advantageous in modern society. See my last post on chaos. But there’s also evolution happening in muscle tissue, hair, hearing, immune-system function, skin pigmentation, sense of smell, and the body’s response to heat stress.

So, what’s the moral here? Well, if human evolution is not only happening, but it’s accelerating, there’s one thing we can say for sure: there could be mutant X-Men living among us. However, since the brain is probably evolving the fastest because this evolution is hidden, the first X-Men won’t be of the Iceman/Cyclops/Nightcrawler variety. Instead, they will be the Professor X’s, the Jean Grey’s, and the Emma Frost’s. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about this, except to invest in the research of anti-telepathy helmets. Hopefully, the government is already doing this.


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Evolutionary Realities

charles darwin

Every human being living on Earth today is descended from a man who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago. This was the 2002 conclusion of geneticist, anthropologist, and Washington D.C. resident Spencer Wells. Maybe you already knew about this, but I didn’t until I read about it.

This effectively means that your ancestors left Africa after this time, and replaced ruthlessly murdered all other homo sapiens on the planet.

This might cause you to ask questions like: Are we more genetically alike than other species? Does this account for our especially violent behavior? How related am I to the person I’m sleeping with? Does this mean sleeping with my second cousin isn’t so bad after all?

But wait: You think 1,000,000 years of evolution separate you from the race of people you hate the most? Think again. So the biggest question of all is, undoubtedly: How can I maintain my current levels of racial hatred given this new reality?

Don’t worry, friends, the DC Hero is here for you. You can still be as racist as you ever were before, but you have to make sure you pick the racial group that is most genetically different from you to ensure you have a solid, scientific reason for your racism to propel your hatred farther than it’s ever been before. Below is a world map of the different Y Haplogroups of the world, which we can assume signify absolute genetic differences.

map of how to distribute racism

Let me illustrate with an example. You can see that the Whitest people (with the most Red, members of the R1b haplogroup) are from Scotland. If you hate White people, make sure you direct most of your hatred towards the Scots. You can also see the Blackest people (ExE3b) are from Burkina Faso, direct the bulk of your Black hatred towards them.

To sum up the other major races: the Yellowest people are from Malaysia, the most Arab people are from Northern Saudi Arabia, everybody in the middle of Eurasia are more or less mutts, and all Native Americans are exact replicas of each other. I knew that last one already.

As a Mideast Arab, I can now confidently direct my scientifically proven hatred towards most Asian groups since I share no Y Haplogroups with them. This fits in with my original plan. Sweet.


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