Timeless Flirting Tactic – Exploiting Insecurity

If there’s one thing I could go back in time and tell my 13 year old self, it would be some clever sentence about how hopelessly insecure girls are. Their insecurity is one of the few things that continues to amaze me about them. It’s hard for me to believe how some of them can even make it through life being so insecure. I wonder what that must be like.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s a problem that has any real solution. I’m not even sure it’s a problem. So, the only thing guys should concern themselves with is how to exploit it for their own gain.

I try to do anything I can to make a girl feel insecure when I first meet her. This will make her more attracted to me because I will be there to fill the black void of loneliness and self-doubt she’ll naturally create inside of herself. It’s honorable if she does this because girls really like hating themselves. You might as well help them along.

Ways to make her feel insecure:

  1. Insult her, but don’t insult her too harshly. You want to trigger self-doubt without getting her angry and combative.
  2. Check out other girls when you’re talking to her
  3. Ask her if she can cook, clean, sew, paint, etc. until you find one she isn’t good at and talk about how it’s too bad she’s not good at it. Make up a reason why it’s too bad.
  4. Show patience. If you aren’t that excited to be talking to her, she will get insecure about why you aren’t excited.
  5. Get better at sensing when she is insecure about something and make a bigger deal of it than you otherwise would have. For example, say you notice her covering a chipped nail on her left hand. Point it out and bring it up in a comical manner. Shit like that is pure gold.

If you don’t believe me that women are insecure and like hating themselves, all you need to do is go to PostSecret. I’m convinced that 75% of them are written by women, 15% of them are written by man bitches, and 10% of them are just funny. Women love to read them, women love to write them, women love being insecure and sharing it with others.


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One response to “Timeless Flirting Tactic – Exploiting Insecurity

  1. Frankie

    This will help them to get so vomitting sick of their own insecurity that they will start fighting for some decent self esteem.

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