Eye to Eye with Girls

michella cruz

By now, everyone should understand that the best way to build sexual attraction is sustained eye-contact. If you don’t know, now you know. *’Juicy’ Riff* Some will say you should start building sexual attraction right away with a girl. I disagree. It’s much better to intimidate, dominate, and isolate her first to take the controls out of her hands and put them in your hands, where she wants them to be.

Maybe that amounts to ‘building sexual attraction’ after all. I mean, whatever, it’s a semantic argument. And too much time gets wasted on semantic arguments. Anyway, in order to make good eye contact, you need to be on the same vertical level as the girl you’re making eye contact with. Tilted heads make poor trust-building eye contact.

So to level the height advantage that you should have on the girl (remember, if your woman is taller than you and outweighs you, you are not a man. actually, just make that “if your woman outweighs you”), there’s a couple things you can do. Sitting down isn’t an option because it limits your aggression and dominant body language. Slouching does the same thing. That means there’s only one option: putting your feet further apart to go down to her level. I’m a huge believer in this for a few reasons:

  1. You make better eye contact
  2. You can position your feet to invade her personal space (when she gives you the go-ahead, don’t do it too early)
  3. You can position your feet and other objects/fat people in your pick-up arena to drastically reduce her avenues of escape down to ‘pushing you aside and running for the fire exit’

I think if you’re really tall, this won’t work. Of course if you’re really tall, you probably settle for the mediocre girls who come up to you instead of working on your game. Kudos to the tall guys who don’t settle.

Now, I’m not going to be playing in the NBA anytime soon and I always manage to see guys who are shorter than I am with smoking hot chicks. I’m convinced more than ever that the eye-to-eye technique they can execute naturally is key to their success. In fact, I’m convinced that most, if not all, of my life success making good impressions is based on this theory of eye contact.

After thinking about this as I’m writing it, I see the right way to explain this. I am a natural, so it’s not so easy for me to explain. It’s like Tiger Woods describing how to read a putt. On approach, you want to seem as big and tall as possible to trigger her fear-reflex. Then, at the time she lets you move into her personal zone (if you don’t know when this is, just stay on the green circles and stop fucking up my moguls), it’s time to execute the repositioning of feet where you can trap her and bring yourself down to her eye-level. If you can maintain eye contact with her for 1-5 minutes after this (depending on her hotness rating and drunkenness level), you’ve got her. Oh damn, imagine if girls had LEDs on their heads with their BACs on them? I’d be doing numbers like Sudoku.



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2 responses to “Eye to Eye with Girls

  1. Yuri

    Damn she’s hot. We need more Latinas, tear down the borders.

  2. russkie

    finally, you’ve come up with an idea that far outpaces the “where’s waldo”/”spot the bare tit, nip”. LED readouts of BAC levels, brilliant

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