Flirting Tactic: Alpha Stare

predator prey

Nothing says “I mean business” like an Alpha Stare. It identifies you as a predator to your prey, and girls love it. The fact women are relatively unafraid of a predator stare makes me think that many of them were eaten by lions in ancient times. You know, like, after they had children or something.

Anyway, an Alpha Stare demonstrates undivided attention, in it’s purest form, to your, uh, prey. I’m pretty sure a girl’s happiness is directly proportional to the amount of attention paid to her. Focus on the area on her forehead in between her eyes but an inch or so above the eyes. And don’t avert your eyes for any external distractions, this is a power stare.

Just remember, women fall in love with their kidnappers (that Swedish thing) and their mental and emotional abusers. Let’s just avoid the ‘physical abusers’ category by saying it-is-what-it-is. So girls have no problem falling in love with predators. Don’t be afraid to narrow your eyelids and look like you’re getting ready for a fight because you are getting ready for a fight. Flirting is a battle of wills, don’t ever forget that. You just have to hide it behind some polite gestures.

Another thing I like to do is move my eyes first then have my head follow my eyes. I’m not really sure why I like this, but it seems to have an effect. The girl notices that she caught your attention before she captivated you. I mean, let’s be honest here, I look at a lot of things but I don’t turn my head to focus on just anything.



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5 responses to “Flirting Tactic: Alpha Stare

  1. T.

    Here is a great example of an alpha stare by British pop star Robbie Williams:

  2. T, just saw this comment. Incredible link. I’m giving you a Commenter Point.

  3. dyank

    omg that is great…:)

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  5. As a woman, I can assure you of one thing if you used the “alpha stare” on me: I would “alpha punch” you right in the face. (:

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