Wearing Everyday Clothes to the Gym

cargo shorts working out

I mean, seriously, this is unacceptable behavior and I see it all the time. It’s always that guy who

  1. Doesn’t work out that much
  2. Makes it seem like he’s not working out that hard, even though he’s sucking wind

Take a hint, you don’t look cool wearing a polo shirt and shorts to workout in. The more I think about it, the less I get it. Do these guys even have t-shirts and mesh shorts? Does anyone not have a t-shirt and mesh shorts? I mean, what the fuck? Picture this going through your head before you put in a 15 minute workout (P.S. I am king of the 15 minute workout):

“You know what, these clothes are already dirty, I think I’ll just workout in them and then I won’t dirty 2 pairs of clothes in one day.”

Is it even that? Do they change into the shorts and polo? I seriously don’t get it. How does this happen? A commenter who can shed light on this subject wins 1 Commenter Point. As a matter of a fact, I’m starting a contest. Commenter Points (CPs) will be awarded for various things on DC Hero. The first person to amass 5 CPs will win something, I’m not sure what yet, but it will be something good.



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7 responses to “Wearing Everyday Clothes to the Gym

  1. my theory is that they want to look good at all times, and a t-shirt and mesh shorts just don’t flatter their figures as nicely.

  2. Greg

    My theory:

    Laziness, plain and simple.

  3. dryhumourwetcoast

    maybe you should worry less about what the guys are wearing and more about your work out.

  4. 1 CP for Greg. That’s exactly what it is.

  5. rob

    the stupid gym is all about image at GW

    guys walk around aimlessly not lifting weights and flexing in the mirror

    i disagree with greg. these douches are actually dressing up

  6. IDicky

    Rolling to the gym in non-athletic wear, baring a legitimate excuse like all my gym clothes were lost in the fire, shows a complete lack of seriousness about your workout. Therefore, you don’t belong in a gym. Its a waste of your money . Go play with dumbells in your room at home. Don’t take up space on the cable machine that other people are waiting to use….He-Bitch!

  7. jdog

    ahh 2 things, one is a theory and the other is a personal experience:
    1. They wanna look good for their workout (these types are the type to pop collars)

    2. When at a buddy’s house a plan is conceived to go do a workout and to go home and get ‘gym’ clothes is too much of a detour so one must workout in casual clothes (although the workout always ends prematurely with the words ‘this feels gay, im waiting in the lobby’)

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