Hillary, Give It Up Already

Check it out, if Hillary manages to win every primary (including Pennsylvania) by a 60-40 margin (which is almost impossible), she will still have 52 less pledged delegates than Obama after all the states are finished. As a side note, did you know Puerto Rico has 55 delegates to pledge in their primary on June 1? That makes it the 3rd biggest primary left after Indiana and North Carolina.

If she has less pledged delegates, there’s no way to justify the super delegates picking her to run. Obama supporters will vote for McCain out of spite.

We have the most unpopular president of all time. The Republican candidate supports the War that makes him so unpopular. If there was ever a gimme election in the history of the Universe, this is it. And the Democrats are doing the only thing they can do to blow the election by dividing themselves.

I used to joke about it, but now I actually think it is true. The Democratic party is not a real political party. It’s a party created by the Republicans to make it look like they aren’t ruling this country like a dictatorship. Because if that wasn’t true, leaders of the Democratic party would be forcing Hillary to end her campaign because she can’t possibly win.


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15 responses to “Hillary, Give It Up Already

  1. haha stupid democrats….when people ask why i’m a republican i will point to this election

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  3. M

    Obama should give it up. He can’t win Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and all those states with people who cling to their guns and religion. Hillary can’t win a general election either; she’s done. Democrats should go back to the drawing board, or start figuring where they’re gonna watch McCain’s televised swearing-in ceremony. McCain’s a lucky SOB.

  4. johnny five

    scylla 1:
    clinton can’t bow out without risking the alienation of women voters – one of the dems’ two most historically reliable voting blocs.

    charybdis 1:
    obama can’t bow out without risking the alienation of black voters – the other one of the dems’ two most historically reliable voting blocs.

    scylla 2:
    clinton wins the primaries in all the states where the democrats actually have a fighting chance of getting electoral votes, but she is second place in convention delegates.

    charybdis 2:
    obama wins the primaries in all the states where the democrats have chinaman’s chance of getting electoral votes, but he is first place in convention delegates.

    this is just too good not to have been scripted.

  5. rob

    hillary clinton looks like satan in that picture

  6. ry420guy

    this whole “voting for McCain out of spite” notion–that pretty much sums up Democrats for you.

    i dunno Hilary doesn’t look that bad for a middle-aged chick. if i was like 45 or older i would probably do her.

  7. They all suck. I’m nominating the corpse of Barry Goldwater.

  8. rob

    as a person in general, she’s not that bad looking. but that fake smile is terrifying. that’s all.

  9. Hope

    She scares me.

    I am going to set feminism back 50 years with this statement, but women should really not be so power hungry. Our rightful role is to be good girlfriends, wives, mothers, grandmothers, etc. and run the household. We need to go back to benefiting society as nurturing caretakers rather than backstabbing politicians.

  10. Rigoberto: incredible Mr Conservative reference. +1.

    Paul, I think she believes it’s all about her. No question really.

    Hope, I think your thoughts are mirrored by the married women of this country. You are certainly not alone.

  11. Hope, women make the BEST backstabbing politicians! Any time they get caught, they can just cry and claim sexism. Could you imagine the wars this woman would start? I speak for a small minority of Republicans when I say I want out of Iraq, but I fear these three goons we have running for president will at the minimum, not leave Iraq, but somehow exacerbate the situation in the world. I’d like to see a politician commit to not starting a war. Leave war for ONLY when we get attacked!

    Sorry for the tangent.

  12. ry420guy

    why do all your posts have a pic you got from a google image search right below the title? why not mix it up … start off with some text, or a video, or draw a humorous cartoon using paint–perhaps even a series of three cartoons a la maddox (e.g. this one). i think some more variety would be nice, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

  13. TP

    Bobby Bonilla/Garry Shandling ’08.

  14. vineetgupta

    Damn. That is an awesome pic.

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