Flirting Tactic: Telling a Big Lie

Since flirting is one of my all time favorite activities and consumes 75-80% of my life, I’m starting a series of posts on flirting tactics. Hopefully I’ll learn some things about flirting and about my overall flirting tendencies. I hope it’s entertaining. Let’s get to it.

One of my favorite flirting tactics is telling a big lie. Example:

Girl selling concert stickers: “So what are you going to do with this sticker?”
Me: “What?” (I heard her)
Girl selling concert stickers: “Where are you going to put this?” (got her to think and re-phrase = investment = +1 flirting point)
Me: “It’s a bumper sticker, I’m putting it on my bumper”
Girl selling concert stickers: “(look of interest)… Oh yeah? What do you drive?”
Me: “The B30 Metro connector. (pause) Some people ride the bus, and some people drive the bus. (pause) I drive the bus.”
Girl selling concert stickers: (laughs, doesn’t quite know what to say, says something as I walk away) + 5 flirting points

I successfully got some investment and a genuine laugh while revealing literally no information about myself. And that’s the key to this whole Big Lie thing: you can hide everything behind hilarious lies. Watch me tell jokes and act charming while I avoid tough questions at the same time. Don’t you trust me now? We sure do, Bill. This is different than a believable lie which is misleading and unmanly.

A Big Lie bonus is the creative entertainment value it provides you. You’ll never be bored answering questions like “what’s your name?”, “where are you from?”, and “what do you do?” ever again.

“Um, wait, so what do you do?”

  • “I’m a member of Young Jeezy’s posse.”
  • “I work as a blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg”
  • “I teach handicapped children how to fly kites”

Then you can ask what she does and she’ll go into her complete life story. Why? I have no idea.



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8 responses to “Flirting Tactic: Telling a Big Lie

  1. What’s your address?
    I live in my car.

  2. rob

    or a much easier way to impress chicks is to show them your twin tribal tatoos on your biceps…..

  3. Ava, nice one, even though the question should be “Where do you live?”. I award you 1 CP.

  4. well this is more for those questions they ask you in checkout lines

  5. Me

    On the other hand, the big lie is my personal favorite anti-Flirt tactic as well. Nothing makes a man run faster than telling him that you’re a preschool teacher. It just screams , “I’m obsessed with children and want to have a million of your babies”.

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  7. dyank

    omg…this may actually work…

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