One Man’s 6 is Another Man’s 8

The premise of this blog thought is based on the idea that a guy’s looks do matter, and how hot he thinks a girl is depends on how physically attractive he is. A guy thinks a girl is hot if she’s hotter than girls he can get without trying.

Every guy has a group of girls who, based on their looks, is below him. These are 5’s and below (on the 1-10 scale). Then there’s girls who are about as attractive as he is, these are 6’s and 7’s. 8’s are girls who are officially hot. They get a guys immediate and undivided attention. 9’s are girls who get a guys immediate, undivided, and lifetime-sustained attention. And, by now, everybody knows 10’s don’t exist.

My point is that the 1-10 scale isn’t as universal as I once thought. An ugly guy and a good looking guy might both agree that a girl is a 6, but the ugly guy will treat her like an 8 when they’re face to face because that’s what she is to him. The bottom line is every guy has their own rating system, and it’s relative to how physically attractive they are.

Note: Rachel McAdams is not a 6 or an 8 as the title suggests. She’s a 9.9. She’s also in DC until April 1, I’m currently stalking hunting her.



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8 responses to “One Man’s 6 is Another Man’s 8

  1. Good post. Very true.

    Also, while there no denying universal appeal…some guys would say Scarlett Jo. is a 8.5 and other guys would say she is 10. There is accounting for “type”.

    But if a girl is naturally beautiful, almost all guys will say is an “8” or above, regardless of whether they think she is just an 8 or a 10.

  2. I meant to say if a girl is a naturally beautiful, almost all guys will say SHE is an “8” or above, etc. etc.

    I can’t write today!!

  3. it’s rare to have universal appeal…i wonder what constitutes it? cause if i had that, i would have no problems.

  4. Universal appeal? see: McAdams, Rachel

  5. Hope

    Immediate, undivided, and lifetime-sustained attention. Love the way you put that.

    That’s how I’ve always perceived the male rating system, which is why I prefer nerds. To them I’m a smoking 9, but to most normal guys I’m a mere 7.

  6. 1 CP for Hope for inspiring a blog post with a comment.

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  8. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I also think generally women are more apt to go for guys who are less attractive than they perceive themselves to be, while men tend to go for women out of their league by one point or two. šŸ™‚

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