Mind Games

mind game

One of the most relevant truisms that epitomizes the differences between men and women in the ongoing war of the sexes (after internet porn, it went from a battle to a full-fledged war) is how men do things before thinking about them too much and women think about things too much before doing anything. This leads to two different kinds of Mind Games boys and girls can play on each other. The point of these mind games is to have the member of the opposite sex invest more into you to get them wrapped around your little finger. Power.

Mind Games on Men

I’m obviously not an expert at mind games on men, but I’ll give it a shot.

Since men won’t normally show restraint before doing things, tricking him into doing something he wouldn’t do if he sat down and thought about it should be pretty easy. Say it’s later at night and you tell him to meet you somewhere where he wouldn’t go if you weren’t there. If he goes to meet you and you don’t show up, give yourself a Mind Game Point (MGP). The key to this tactic working is the fact men are constantly champing at the bit, and you can use this impatience to set them up for a good Mind Game trap.

Since this impatience is worse when alcohol is involved, it’s good to use this tactic at night on a weekend when most boys are drunk off their asses. Probably. Who am I kidding, I don’t know shit about playing mind games on men.

Mind Games on Women

These are the real mind games. Girls will think themselves to death on things instead of thinking for a little bit and testing those theories in the real world. Everything about girls from their ridiculous logic to their awful decision making skills (wait, those two are the same thing) can be directly traced to overthinking. You can use this to your supreme advantage.

If you can make her think; if you can put your questions, your reality, and yourself in her mind for long enough, she will inevitably conclude that she’s in love with you.

The key to making her think is to reveal as little as possible about yourself (telling Big Lies is a good way to do this) to remain a mystery. Girls love mysteries. There’s a reason Murder She Wrote was the longest running mystery series on television outside of Angela Lansbury’s raw sexuality. You have to do things that constantly change what she thinks she knows about you. If you can pick up on what she’s assuming about you, surprise her by having those things not be true.

Do things that make her stop for a second and say “wait…” while she thinks. Get her to give you the “I’m not quite sure about you” look where she furrows her brow and turns her head a little bit to the side. If you get one of those, you’re successfully playing Mind Games.

Actually, now that I think about it, playing Mind Games with girls is as easy as being slightly unpredictable, not desperate (patient), and omnipresent. If you can be those 3 things, you should start to see the steam pouring out of girls’ ears.

Remember, plant the seed and the forest will grow.



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4 responses to “Mind Games

  1. anon

    then you fuck the plant… I mean forest

  2. Me

    Hey hero,

    Silly question I know…but could you clarify for me how you aspire to achieve omnipresence? I think that’s a pretty impressive task, even for you.

  3. Well Me,

    The key to omnipresence isn’t actually always being around the girl, like some readers might have assumed. It’s keeping your aura constantly around her. This can best be achieved by having her friends (or coworkers/nearby-strangers if you’re really a rockstar) bringing you up when you’re not around. This is how your reputation can precede you to increase your rockstar status. I’m giving you a Commenter Point.

  4. ro42g

    When distant appear close. When close appear far. And the art of distraction always helps. It is best to not tell a girl anything important also.

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