Finally, A Dating Website for Men


"women in their early 30s desparate for one last shot at glory..."

"women in their early 30s desparate for one last shot at glory..."



You might have heard that AshelyMadison got denied from running a Super Bowl ad, which is almost but not quite as good as getting the ad itself. It sure is cheaper. But whatever, the real issue here is how the service is a goldmine for guys who want easy sex without fucking prostitutes. Married chicks looking for affairs are the easiest of easy. The green circle, wander-eye, bar-parading late-20s girls who want to see if they can dump their current husband, pocket some alimony, and upgrade to another guy crowd. They don’t give a fuck.

So it might be better than trying the other online dating services. At least it would stand to reason. I’d try it if I was still willing to try anything, but being the lazy talking head that I am, I’d be much happier to hear from someone who tried some diamond-cougar hunting (that means married for all the 13 year old readers out there) on AshleyMadison. It seems easy, and I bet the quality on there is higher than the other dating websites.

But really what irks me is how other talking heads are out there trying to eek out some level of outrage about a dating service that caters to affairs. I mean, is anyone really outraged outside of the obvious crowd of single aging girls (SAGs) out there? I know, I just couldn’t resist the acronym. I think by now, most people have a good grip on what a relationship actually is. Or actually, it’s more likely that they don’t. Extremely likely, in fact. 

Men resist them for the committment and women resist them in order to wait for someone better, we all know that. But why? With everything that relationships are now, these fears are antiquated and childish to a Disneyesque level. I can’t speak for girls, but I can speak for men which is why I’ll be running a special feature, starting next post, of indeterminate parts on “Modern Relationships From a Man’s Perspective.” It’s long overdue.



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6 responses to “Finally, A Dating Website for Men

  1. so when is this next post coming? i’ve been waiting patiently

  2. This weblog is increasingly boring and unintelligent to my taste. It was nice talking to you but I must be moving on. As usual. Take care.

  3. me

    Do they actually have to confirm that you are in fact married? I assume so, else this service is highly prone to fraud.

    I thought it was for married men looking for affairs? I think if it’s women, that seems a little less immoral for some reason.

  4. el chief

    way to not update your site for 2 weeks. your bookmark is deleted.

  5. I don’t think you have to confirm anything. It does seem like a hotbed for fraud.

  6. Monad

    FrankiePebbles and el chief, you could always ask for your money back if you’re so dissatisfied. lol

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