Playing for Skins

Getting a girl to like you is as simple as becoming everything she wants in a man. That’s not to be confused with what she says she wants in a man. It’s the whole confident/bold/charming/successful/asshole mix that every girl wants. When you’ve become that man a few times, you start to recognize the moment it happens instantly. All of her hopes and dreams are realized in you, and you feel a tremendous sense of power and dominance that comes with being a girl’s total sense of being. And even if the path you took to get her was somewhat contrived and staged, it doesn’t much matter because you’ve ‘picked up’ another girl, which quite reasonably is an end in and of itself. Then you do this a few times.

Then a few more…

After awhile, you look at the girls you pick up a little differently. The sense of conquest you used to have at the moment you “got her” is, you decide, nothing more than foolish machismo. The dominance and power you used to feel so proud of is dwarfed by the jealousy you have of the girl. Look at her. She has a level of satisfaction that you’ll never have. You’re the perfect man to her, and you know there’s no woman in the world who could do the same thing for you.

You just sit across from them, playing all the cards you know will turn her on, and for what? You have to be the perfect guy for her because that’s the way the game works. You want to pick up girls? You have to get them to choose you above all other options. Then they get the satisfaction of getting exactly what they wanted, even if it’s for a short amount of time. But there’s no choosing on your end really. The whole trick of getting a girl you want is to get her to end up choosing you. Where’s the satisfaction in that? It’s indirect, making the satisfaction from it less than what it is for her. So you just sit across from them, jealous that you can’t be them.

I conclude that picking up girls has some satisfaction, but not enough to justify life’s primary focus for it. At least not for a lifetime. Because who wants to play a game where your opponent gets more satisfaction than you do? It’s like fighting someone with a smile on their face that gets bigger every time you hit them with a right haymaker. It’s maddening.


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  1. Yuri

    ugly girls get no satisfaction. ever.

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