Fucked Up Story of the Year: Rachel Hoffman

Here’s the link to the 20/20 story. Text article here.

The basics of the story are this:

  1. 23 year old FSU graduate gets busted for marijuana possession
  2. She goes to drug court, gets 1 year probation
  3. Her apartment gets raided, where cops find 4 ounces of marijuana (~$1000 worth) and 6 ecstasy pills (maybe $100) and tell her she has the choice to become an informant or face 5 years in prison.
  4. They send the girl on an informant mission. They give her $13,000 in marked bills and wire her. They set up a buy where she’s supposed to get 1500 ecstasy pills ($6,000 worth), half a kilo ($6,500 worth: this is my estimate, more on that in a second) of cocaine, and a handgun ($500).
  5. She’s set up to buy from 2 Black (I’m not being racist here, I’m just saying she’s obviously going to be intimidated by them) drug dealers she’s never met before.
  6. Her body is found shot execution-style the next day after the police (her backup) “lose her” when they fail at tailing her to the drug deal location.

There are so many things wrong here, I don’t even know where to start. The police claim that they lose her after the drug dealers change the location of the deal from the park to a parking lot to another 3rd location. Well, that sounds kind of reasonable, but WHY DON’T YOU CALL OFF THE FUCKING DRUG DEAL? I think when she called the cops on her cell phone as they were moving to a 3rd location might have been a good time to do that.

And everything about this girl screamed “I’m working with the cops” to these drug dealers. She drove what looks like a brand new Volvo S40, she’s buying half a kilo of cocaine (500 grams just happens to be lower threshold for Federal Trafficking penalties, which give you a minimum of 5 years in prison), she’s undoubtedly very nervous, she’s wearing a wire, and she’s buying a gun for no discernible reason. Incredible! So they suspect she’s an informant, find the wire, and decide to kill her for currently unknown reasons. I don’t even know what to say.

In another fucked up twist, her drug court probation specifically stated that she was not to come in contact with any drugs or drug paraphernalia. Also the drug court was never notified that she was going to be used as a confidential informant. They also painted her out to be a “known drug dealer” facing “multiple felonies” in the immediate aftermath of her death. They are now retracting this because she wasn’t facing any felonies and was lied to about the consequences she was actually facing. I guess that’s a small detail in the grand scheme of things here.


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3 responses to “Fucked Up Story of the Year: Rachel Hoffman

  1. spaceman

    thats fucked.

  2. Greg

    probation = don’t keep 4 ounces of pot, retard

  3. dyank

    …why would she go along with this again? How can a grad. student be so street dumb…i mean a white girl buying up that much drugs and a gun…and they don’t see the suspicion there?

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