A Real Badass

From an existentialist point of view, a badass is someone who doesn’t think or worry about the thoughts or feelings of others and concerns themselves with what ‘is’ instead of what was or what could be. These people tend not to have the types of qualities that appear to be endemic to other human beings, and revel in the opportunities that the collective absurdities of the world give them. Lee Murray is a certified badass. Let’s look at a list of accomplishments here (in no particular order):

  1. He knocked Tito Ortiz out cold in an alley fight outside of a British nightclub after UFC 38
  2. He’s the mastermind of the largest cash heist in history
  3. He’s claiming asylum in Morocco, whose King will not extradite any of his subjects (Murray is a Moroccan citizen automatically because his father is Moroccan).
  4. He bought a $1.5M gated house in Rabat. At the urging of British authorities, he was watched closely by Moroccan police and was subsequently arrested and convicted for cocaine and hashish possession. He’s currently serving 8 months in solitary confinement
  5. He fought in 1 MMA fight on US soil (UFC 46, winning by submission in under 2 minutes). His work visa was revoked after he was charged with nearly beating a motorist to death after the guy cut him off and ‘scraped his car’.
  6. He was stabbed in another street fight in Mayfair in 2005, collapsing in a pool of blood after being attacked by 3 men. He survived after being resuscitated 4 times, owing his life to on-duty nurses to literally ran bags of blood back from a local blood bank.

This thing has Hollywood written all over it in some fucked up modern-day version of The Natural. I mean, the guy has a pile of money stored in Morocco and, if he can prove his father’s Moroccan citizenship, he can live as a free criminal there for the rest of his life. The fact Morocco won’t extradite any of it’s people is the most interesting twist in this whole thing. Here’s a quote from Murray’s lawyer:

The extradition of Moroccan Lee Murray is not possible if one respects Moroccan law, because it blocks extraditing a Moroccan citizen regardless of whatever he stands accused of.

An ESPN reporter was inverviewing one of Murray’s friends when Murray called the friend from prison. The friend told Murray the reporter was there, and Murray said the reporter could ask him 1 question. The reporter froze at this unexpected opportunity and, thinking it would be foolish to ask a ‘did you do it’ question, asked him what his favorite movie was. Murray said: “I have three… Scarface, Gotti, and The Heist” before he hung up the phone.

Lives by his own rules? Check.

Takes shit from nobody? Check.

Number of life regrets: 0



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8 responses to “A Real Badass

  1. Sergey

    i was intrigued, so did a quick search…

    other fun facts:

    Murray required open heart surgery after the stabbing incident. He was reportedly back in training 5 weeks thereafter.

    Mohamed Karbouzi, a suspected terrorist in the 2003 Casablanca bombings, may be involved in an extradition agreement between Morocco and England.

    also enjoyed the following wiki paragraph:

    In the Matt Hughes biography Made In America,[2] Hughes relayed the incident as told to him by Miletich:

    The entire alley erupted into a huge brawl. I was just standing there, and there were bodies flying all over the place. I was confused how it all happened, because it happened so fast. I was standing there with my mouth open like ‘what the hell is going on?’ I looked over and Chuck Liddell was with his back against the wall, knocking people out that were trying to go after him.

    Can you imagine Liddell against a wall, knocking anyone who comes at him the fuck out?

    would make an incredible poster.

    still waiting on the “girls lack humor” post. need more fodder?

  2. I do need more fodder. My investigation has really stalled here. I mean, girls are boring because guys need to attract women and girls need to sit there and look pretty. That really seems self-explanatory. The only thing I don’t get is how girls are not funny but, by my previous statement here, they have an intuitive understanding of what is funny. Thoughts?

  3. i remember reading about his involvement or *ahem* alleged involvement in the largest heist in history…and then the stabbed bit….now living on the lam in Morocco….straight old school English thuggery in the modern day, ala The Guv’nor. Impressive without a doubt.

  4. I get the strange impression that some people think of this everyday sucker as vewy vewy impooortant. * spweading arms vewy vewy wiiide *

    I mean, they actually worship the flop on their weblogs. Seriously.

  5. Frankie, I wish I could read your blog.

  6. DevX

    This is a man who will walk through life with a unalterable vision of what he wants, and be damned if anyone steps in his way.

    Men like this often circumvent laws intended to maintain order and placate the sheep of society.

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  8. rob


    i havent commented in a while, but this warranted it.


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