Listen Sunshine, Give Me a Second Here

Lewis Black said that blogging is like jerking off in front of a mirror, and videotaping it so you can jerk off to it later. I don’t really get it, but I think it’s fucking hilarious. Here are some blog posts that I started writing, but never actually materialized into anything more than a sentence or two:

  • Anyone who’s been to the Holocaust Museum and didn’t smirk at the overstuffed donation box or the huge wall of prominent donors is a better person than me. It’s also interesting how the issue of genocide is more or less removed from the American Indian museum.
  • Anyone who tailgates and changes lanes in heavy traffic is trying to win the Rat Race. Nobody wins a Rat Race.
  • Being successful with women isn’t just acting like an Alpha male all the time. It’s about being able to act like an Alpha male or an Androgynous male based on the situation, and being able to switch between the two personas seamlessly at the right moment.
  • I think I might be terminally ill because 18 year old girls aren’t hot to me the same way they used to be and I have no explanation why this is. The 35 year old guy who was dating this girl from my high school (when we were in high school) told me this would never happen. Randy, where are you now? I miss you.
  • is becoming my favorite website. Think you need credentials to dole out dating advice to 16 year old girls? Think again!
  • This recent opinion piece from Gary Becker and this response from Richard Posner present two informed and insightful viewpoints on a topic that uninformed dipshits love talking about: The Decline of America. It’s also one of the best blogs on the internet because it’s run by two University of Chicago Senior Faculty members who know what they’re talking about.
  • I started this blog 8 months ago hoping I could somehow parlay it into becoming a YouTube star while expecting to at least keep myself entertained. Now, my stat deal tells me that an average of 500 people come to this site every day. To be honest, that freaks me out more than it makes me proud, but as long as it entertains you, more power to you. And let me just say this: if you agree with everything I write, you have some serious psychological problems. I’m not even kidding.


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2 responses to “Listen Sunshine, Give Me a Second Here

  1. Zosimus the Heathen

    Too bad you didn’t write the post you were considering about being both an Alpha male and an androgynous male to increase one’s success with women; that sounded interesting.

  2. younger chicks due to the hassle have def lost their appeal to me…as have strippers. the same level of bullshit, just different type.

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