asian girl from behind

Bakku-shan is a word I read in The Meaning of Tingo that means “a woman who seems pretty when seen from behind, but not from the front.” The word is Japanese, which is hardly surprising because an abnormally high rate of bakku-shan occurs in Asian girls (90%). Remember, ‘doggy-style’ and ‘Asian-style’ are synonyms. These girls always have beautiful long hair. You can read on how I think girls should have short hair and note the small feminist revolution in the comment section.

Girls who are 14 years old are also a big source of bakku-shan. The fact that 14 year old girls and Asian girls have something in common is NOT a coincidence. Everyone knows the feeling of checking out a girl only to find out that she’s a moistie cadet. After that you get a light feeling in your stomach and a sour taste in your mouth before you just accept it and put the smirk back on your face where it belongs. You’re damn right.

So what is the opposite of bakku-shan? What should we call girls who seem pretty from the front but not from behind? Well, their characteristics are: short hair, no ass, no side-curves… I don’t know, pretty Plain Jane. Oh yeah, that’s what models look like. Let’s just call them models.


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  1. haha pretty good. i call people that look good from far away but not up close “monets,”got it from clueless.

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