Girls’ Clothes

Since fashionable girls’ clothes are so expensive and sought after, I wonder how big of an effect they have on her appearance (from a guy’s perspective since that’s the only time it really matters anyway)?

There are a few interesting things at work here:

  1. Men are said to have little to no fashion sense
  2. Men frequently say that they don’t like the anorexic “model look”
  3. Men frequently say that they thing fashion and designer clothes are foolish and odd looking
  4. Girls often say they aren’t dressing up for guys, but “for themselves”. I think this is because they’re too insecure to deal with the failure if guys don’t like it. Stay tuned for the inevitable “Timeless Flirting Tactic – Exploiting Insecurity” post.
  5. Physical beauty is generally accepted as more or less unchangeable

Going with the above logic, you could say that a girl’s fashion has no effect on how hot she is. I can’t accept this because I’ve seen so much evidence to the contrary. I think the problem with the above logic is that it focuses on the clothes. The haircut, jewelery, skin appearance, raw sexuality, and use of makeup are probably more important than the clothes, but guys don’t associate that with fashion. At least I don’t. I think I just contradicted myself.

I see fashion as shoes and clothes instead of other things. But then where is the line? Can the way a girl talks be fashionable? What about her walk? Her sexual appetite? What can’t be fashionable?

Now I’m just confused. I mean, what if Asian girls go in and out of fashion? Are they part of a guy’s fashion? Like the girl on my arm is a fashion accessory that I always want to keep in style? I don’t see why not. In fact, a girl is a guy’s most ubiquitous fashion accessory. You can ignore the guys who have their car as their #1 fashion accessory because they’re far enough away from reality to be considered inhuman.



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8 responses to “Girls’ Clothes

  1. Hope

    I can’t accept this because I’ve seen so much evidence to the contrary.

    I can’t accept this either because I’ve read about too many men with fetishes concerning female fashion: usually painted nails/toenails, rings, jewelry, makeup, and various articles of clothing. I’m not making this up.

  2. LuLi

    What kind of things do guys hate that women wear?

  3. Hope

    Well, the opposite of what guys like is probably what they hate:

    Feminine clothing masculine clothing
    Mini skirt big frumpy formless thing
    High heels ugly flats

    You get the idea. But wearing too much sexy revealing clothing will make men think you’re too easy, and you end up attracting the wrong kind of men.

    In fact, a girl is a guy’s most ubiquitous fashion accessory.

    And this is where a guy would be just using a girl just to stroke his ego, rather than being with a girl because he likes her. Anyway with everything being so superficial nowadays, this has become the normal modus operandi for both men and women. The opposite sex is just another way to stroke one’s ego (egomate) rather than a partner (soulmate).

  4. LuLi, what I hate is those maternity blouses girls wear. What the fuck is that about? I have no idea what the technical term is for those things, but I hate them. I want to see that hourglass so I can stare at it like I’m watching sand fall through her waist.

  5. IDicky

    Disagree with the premise. A fashionable dress or look can make a plain jane look hot or a hot girl look blazing. Gucci, Versace make sexy clothes. Women tend to get caught up more in the nuances and the tangents of fashion. Men just focus on whatever makes a girl look flattering. Don’t believe me? Just watch one of the dozens of makeover shows on TV. Seem a seemingly 4 or 5 turn into a 6 or 7 with a designer dress, makeup, and the right do.

  6. johnny five

    You can ignore the guys who have their car as their #1 fashion accessory because they’re far enough away from reality to be considered inhuman.”

    you clearly don’t have a critical mass of young asian gangsta types out there. this might just be a west coast thing, but i’m talking about the asians for whom the girl doesn’t even factor into the top 3 fashion elements, which are:
    1, the tricked out acura integra with street glow, momo seat belt covers, injen intakes, and more decals than a nascar racer;
    2, really shiny shoes – if you thought nelly was bad when he stressed about scuffing his air force 1’s, think again;
    3, the latest model of wireless anything and everything.

  7. nordsieck

    The whole women dress for women thing is over stated. Of course women dress for men. The thing is, women are better at picking out small details in the clothes that they and other women wear, so it’s only other women who _notice_ the things that women wear for men. In that sense, women compete with each other to say within the attractive-but-not-slutty envelope of dress – it’s sort of the female equivalent of muscles and sports cars.

    Men notice the clothes that women wear for them only obliquely. Most men can pick out “the hot girl” from a lineup, but they would probably be hard pressed to say exactly why said girl was the hotter one.

  8. johnny five

    haute couture is generally ridiculous; if you’ve ever been near a runway, you’ll be well aware that the majority of it is intentionally so.

    also, there is a big yawning gap between haute couture and ‘fashion’ in general. go compare designer X’s clothes on the runway to those in his stores; you’ll find very little correlation. this resolves the discrepancy behind your point #3: if the stores sold the stuff that sashays down the runway, customers would run out of the stores in uncontrollable paroxysms of laughter.

    hand-altered clothing can be much sexier than anything else.
    my current stimulant** cuts old thrift-store t-shirts into tight-fitting, midriff-baring, chest-hugging, pulse-quickening, deadly weapons that destroy all traces of my morality or resistance around her.
    never was $1 and twenty minutes better invested.

    **i commonly address her this way. i enjoy telling stupid people that her name is ‘ephedra’.

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