Word of the Day – Democrating

To Democrat (verb): To argue for no reason, often over trivial points, to appease a strong inner desire to be right.

There’s a big Rules meeting today about how the delegates of Michigan and Florida should be split.

Both campaigns agree on the Florida delegates.

Clinton wants the Michigan delegates split 73-55 Clinton, Obama wants them split 64-64, and the compromisers want it split 69-59. In case you’re counting at home, they’re arguing about 18 delegates. Holy shit, why does anybody give a fuck about 18 delegates? Obama is 201 delegates ahead.

If this happened in the Republican party, the doors would close, there’d be a lot of screaming, somebody would take the blame for this mess and resign, and a few hours later the delegates would be split 69-59. They wouldn’t have a huge public hearing where everybody gets to speak, a huge committee decides what is most fair for everyone, and everybody claps and cheers when somebody says something they agree with. What kind of people do that anyway? What a fucking joke.

Politics is about leadership, not about doing what’s fair and equitable for everyone.  You do the best you can and don’t waste time doing it. If Obama was White, he’d be a Republican. You heard it here first.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day – Democrating

  1. chunque

    “If Obama were white….” An interesting idea. I think you should read this:


    I think you’ll understand it.

  2. Frankie

    Politics is not about real leaders anymore. It is about people who desperately wish to be and stay leaders.

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