Get Out Of My Life

Hero Adage #2: Most people aren’t worth talking to more than 5 times in a lifetime. The vast majority of people I meet don’t have more than a handful of worthwhile conversations in them. After I get these conversations out of them I choose to never talk to them again because I know it will just be a rehash of previous conversations and largely a waste of time.

It’s true that everyone has something to offer you. However, a very small number of this ‘everyone’ population can bring any heat consistently. Because of this, people are more or less replaceable. After all, I’ve proven to myself that I can get tidbits of wisdom from almost anyone. It should go without saying that the validity of this statement is directly proportional to the simdemographic (made up word alert) local population density. Because of this, I think it’s best to think of people in one of two ways:

  1. Replaceable
  2. Invaluable

There is no grey area.

This is the perfect lead-in to what will one day be the best series of posts ever on DC Hero: Moving To A New Place. Phase I of moving to a new place is simple: don’t make friends with just anyone, be very picky even if you feel desperate for friends. You don’t need any more Replaceables in your life. Ever.


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10 responses to “Get Out Of My Life

  1. Yuri

    Yes, lasting appeal is rare. Isn’t this obvious?

  2. johnny five

    game is all about recycling replaceables. i thought you were a PUA…?

  3. rob

    agreed. unfortunately it takes seeing these people a few times to realize they are replaceable. thus i think if not a grey area, a transitionary “grace” period is required to add to your theory.

  4. johnny five, i feel like the girls i sleep with aren’t really part of my life. they’re fixtures in it, but more like light fixtures. kind of like light bulbs in my living room. i take them for granted, i turn them on when i want them on, and i replace them when they burn out. then i throw the old bulb in the trash and never think about it again.

  5. “The vast majority of people I meet don’t have more than a handful of worthwhile conversations in them” Because the majority of people are idiots. So I agree with you.

  6. Lynda

    The value of most people is not in what they have to say to you in conversation. The value of people is in their ability to grow and go forward and to share this journey. It is those who are stagnant that have little to offer to a friendship.

  7. Lynda, what exactly is “sharing the journey” if it isn’t imparting wisdom?

  8. Frankie

    If somebody thinks of himself as invaluable, he is most probably replaceable and vice versa.

  9. Frankie, I don’t think there is such a thing as a person who is either invaluable or replaceable to everyone. It’s just a way everyone views us. I would like to know where I stand with everyone I know, hopefully our invaluable/replaceable thoughts about each other would match.

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