The Tables Have Turned

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from anyone was from a guy at a bar whose name I will never know. I was talking about girls and he said to me: “Man, just wait until you turn 23. After that, girls will be everything you ever wanted them to be.” I penciled that one in on my life calendar as something that might prove to be important later on.

Right now I’m 24 and I can say that the prophecy has come true. There is a magical age where the tables turn, where relationships are broken off by men more than they are by women, and the proverbial ‘upper hand’ is in sync with the World of Man.

As much as I would like to credit this turnaround to advances in my game, I can’t help but think back to the prophecy and wonder if it’s destiny more than accomplishment. I think age (“experience” is a pseudonym for age as far as I’m concerned) is as much a part of a man’s game as looks are to a girl’s game.

When the tables turn for most men, they scan the horizon for the loudest Siren they can hear and pair with her to be done with it. But logic and word-of-mouth tell me that this isn’t the best offensive set in the playbook. It’s kind of like a great warrior who spends his life trying to take over a land to hold the Power over it’s people and resources. What is he supposed to do with the Power after he has it? History will tell us that gathering as much Power as possible followed by losing it all is the road most traveled. Hmmm….



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3 responses to “The Tables Have Turned

  1. True post. I feel like everyday I wake up I’m getting better and more experienced. I wonder when males peak?

    I’m aiming for 45……maybe even 50.

  2. Me

    I kind of agree hero. Which is rare I think… But do the tables turn again or are women stuck here, cause I’m 23, and you just made me feel old. Like Gramma old… I guess all I can do is wait for my fairy godmother/”nameless guy at bar” to tell me what I want to hear??

  3. Me, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that men win and women lose in this scenario. All I can say is that childhood seems to leave each with unrealistic expectations of adult life. I would say both sexes are largely unequipped to deal with these changed realities, but women come out for the better on the whole because of their earlier maturity ages.

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