Track Of The Day: Put On

This track is absolutely ridiculous. I was thinking it was the best song I’ve heard in a few months until Kanye’s verse which took it to another level. And the next time someone tells you that hip hop is dead, you can remind them that Kanye West is the new Dr. Dre.

And if anyone can explain why his blog (link in blogroll on the right) is all about new designs for home furnishings, I’d love to hear it.



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4 responses to “Track Of The Day: Put On

  1. IDicky

    A mediocre track at best. Then again, I’ve never been impressed with Jeezy’s bullying style of spitting. When all your bars rhyme with either “Super” or ” N*^%a” that’s not saying much. Kanye elevated it a bit but if this is the best Hip Hop has to offer, it is in Barney Rumble…TROUBLE!

    P.S. In case you thinking that I’m just a hatin’ ass Nizro. Here is one of the best hip hop tracks that I’ve heard in the past year. Blu is the rapper, Exile is the DJ.

  2. Blu is really good on that track. I don’t like the production though, it’s too laid back. Those pads on the chorus don’t fit and that piano/windchime is comatose.

  3. IDicky

    The Blu & Exile track I linked above was definately a stone cold laid back track. I could see it being to0 sedate for some cirmcumstances but its a great piece of production in the style of DJ Premier. That being said it wasn’t even the best track on that album and Blu is a rhyming wordsmith. This however is the best hip hop track that I’ve heard this year hand down. It debuted last summer and I don’t how I missed it.

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Publicity!

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