Actors Are Good Looking

The title here isn’t exactly a revelation, I know. But it seems like there’s a lot of core assumptions at work here. I mean, actors and actresses are very attractive people. Many people assume that this is because people like looking at good looking people and like watching what they do. This is undoubtedly a big part of it.

But are good looks required to be a good actor? I mean, are there hideously ugly people out there who are good actors? I think there’s probably a few that slipped through the cracks, but for the most part good looking people are better actors than ugly people.

I think this is because good looking people are watched more often in real life. They have so much more practice. If we look at assumption #1 up there: “people like looking at good looking people and like watching what they do”, that seems like it fits.

So it seems like all good looking people should be decently good actors, right? Wrong! My guess is that the crack slippers who defy the odds to be ugly actors or their polar counterparts grew up as being the opposite of attraction that they are currently.

This argument just got a lot more interesting because we can talk about girls who grow up ugly and become hot. The obvious parallels to The Ugly Duckling lead me to call these girls ‘cygnets’ (raise your hand if you knew that was the term for a young swan). You might argue this and say we should actually call them swans. You’d be wrong because the required ambiguity in the names for these sensitive subjects is lost if we call them swans. You obviously haven’t named anything before.

On the flip side, there’s also the girls who grew up hot and went on to be mediocre or below average. This phenomenon is much more common than the cygnet phenomenon and there are more than enough examples and flavors of this to keep me busy coming up with their names and classifications for hours on end. But I’m already kind of bored with that. Let’s just say that their sense of entitlement and their demands for perfection in others are beyond unreasonable. I think something like 80% of women age 26-30 fall into this group.

{Note: The picture is a morph of Audrey Hepburn and Kiera Knightley. I got it at MorphThing, which is a pretty cool website]


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10 responses to “Actors Are Good Looking

  1. Um, Renee Zellweger springs to mind. I will, for the life of me, never understand how she keeps getting cast as a leading lady. I can list lots and lots of unattractive men who are successful actors, but you seem to be focusing on the female gender here.

  2. But don’t you think that actors can be transformed into a better looking version of themselves? Just look at stars without makeup(….some of them look horrible. I always like to think if I can look this good on my own, I must look amazing with a whole team of people helping me look my best.

  3. Kasey

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s, many actors got their breaks on Broadway. They would then migrate to Hollywood (ie, DeVito). However, since about ”90, it doesn’t seem to be the standard path anymore. The last 18 years has seen more “corporateness” and “biz” in Hollywood than “art” (even the indie stuff; which all want to grow up and be blockbusters). However since you’re talking about women, I think you’re fairly on point.

  4. rob

    weird….i thought that was natalie portman

  5. Hope–Wow, that last one is amazing…the Scarlett-Alba-Kruger-Knightly. Stunning.

  6. To be popular at a young age means having to limit the use of your independent thinking. I mean genuine independent thinking, not the ‘look I am excentric!’ version. To be popular in your youth, you must not follow the main stream completely, you must have a fascinating bite, but on the other hand you must also definitely not folow your innermost self. However, this genuine independent thinking is the basis of all creativity. Including acting, which is painting with self- and social knowledge in the broadest sense. I state that, in order to become a naturallly good actor, you must have been lonely to some degree as a child.

    I am talking about the real talents here (even in Hollywood they’re rare). Not the many who got in through family connections or who have been glamouring and flirting and nodding and you know what’s all there the way up. And not the many who don’t get any further than acting out that they’re trying to act.

  7. Hope

    I agree Kassy. Kristin Kruek is like the ultimate mixer, isn’t she? She looks good morphed with just about anyone. I love her even though I’ve never seen an episode of the show she’s in (Smallville). Her face is just so feminine and sweet, but still beautiful.

  8. jajajajaja

    Its Audrey Hepburn and Keria Knightley

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