I Love You: A Translation

Woman to Man: “I want you to only want me”

Man to Woman: “I don’t want anyone else”

Child to Parent: “I want you to pay attention to me”

Parent to Child: “I love you”

i love u



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5 responses to “I Love You: A Translation

  1. LuLi

    aw.. the last one motivated me to go hug my kitten.

  2. Kasey

    Really? How about:

    Man to Woman: “I’d like to have alot more sex with you”
    Woman to Man: “I need something done” or “I need some money”
    Man to dog: “You’re the only one I can talk to right now, and you have no idea what I’m saying”
    Woman to cat: “you’re the placebo for a child”
    Man to IRS Agent: “Thank you for not throwing me in jail for taking those deductions I knew I didn’t qualify for.”
    Employee to boss: “Thank you for my paycheck” or “thanks for keeping this relationship on the DL.”

  3. ry420guy

    are you stoned or something?

  4. I am not too fond of parental love either. I like (real! so: rare) friendship much better. What are friends? Family that we choose.

    @ ry420guy It’s ok to be envious, but it’s better to hide it.

  5. vineetgupta

    @Kasey – LOL.

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