2008 Summer Games: Disaster in the Making

When China won the 2008 Summer Games, I thought it was a bad idea. When I visited Beijing and saw how awfully unprepared they were (as of last summer), I knew it was a bad idea. Then when the pro-Tibet protesters started, everyone knew it was a bad idea.

For kicks, I looked up the current odds of countries protesting the Olympics this summer. The odds I found were odds of which country would be the FIRST to protest the games. “Protesting the games” means the first country to withdraw all participating entrants from the Olympics. None of this partial protest nonsense. Here’s what they are (from Sportsbooks.com):

Spain             10 - 1
Canada            10 - 1
Greece            10 - 1
Germany           10 - 1
Ireland            8 - 1
Italy              6 - 1
United Kingdom     6 - 1
Australia          4 - 1
France             5 - 2
USA                5 - 2

This means that if France boycotted the Olympics and the US followed suit, you’d lose your bet if you bet on the US because they weren’t the first country to protest. This either means that it’s extremely likely that countries will boycott the games this summer, or that people are willing to bet that countries will boycott and the oddsmakers are screwing them over (there’s no option to bet on ‘no countries will boycott’). Kind of interesting.

I will project that there is a 100% chance that China will have a worse World image after these Olympics than they do before them. I mean, what good is going to come out of this deal? Why didn’t they just give it to Toronto or Paris?

While we’re on the odds topic: Barack Obama is a 1-20 favorite to with the North Carolina primary and Hillary Clinton is a 1-6 favorite to win the Indiana primary. Those are pretty good betting odds for Hillary, she’s definitely going to win Indiana. I’d stay away from the Obama in NC bet though, too much risk.



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7 responses to “2008 Summer Games: Disaster in the Making

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  2. Kasey

    Somewhere, there’s 10-1 odds that China will, in order to “protect and defend the Olympic athletes”, invade Tibet with eight mechanized divisions, two parachute brigades, and ten light infantry battalions; so much the better to fight Tibetan terrorists and anarchists in Tibet than to allow them to ravage the Olympic village.

  3. Greg

    I don’t think there will be a protest, just constant news coverage of all the terrible things the US athletes must endure. I mean, China wants to force US owned hotels to censor the internet during the games.

  4. rob

    i think the china olympics is insanity. they have an active count of “blue sky days”hoping to get to a certain number by the olympics. they celebrate days where the sky is blue! also i’ve heard that in downtown beijing visibility is measured in buildings, not kilometers, miles, etc. I’m no hippy, but even with all the tibet stuff aside, that’s fucking disgusting. beijing was a terrible idea.

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