End of Nerd Week: Nerd Girls

rachel leigh cook she’s all that glasses

I know, I know, you wanted Dating Nerds 3.0: Making Him a Real Man. And maybe someday it will come out, who knows. But I’ve had enough of nerds for awhile. I mean, I had to enter the world of nerds to give the kind of quality scientific insight the public has come to expect here on DC Hero. I’m going to have to shake off this character acting before it sucks me in. This must be what Val Kilmer felt like after he filmed The Doors.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on nerd chicks a little bit if you catch my double entendre. They’re quiet, complicated, and can be shockingly beautiful. This isn’t usually the case, but dammit, it is here. Anyway, let’s get away from the adjectives and into the nouns while we look into a case study of nerd hotness: Rachel Leigh Cook in the 2nd greatest movie of all time: She’s All That (1st is obviously Commando).
This movie was a remake of George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’, but it ends differently. The plot is thoughtfully subtle and complex, but really, really awesome. Freddie Prinze Jr. is the BMOC (I put in the link only so you can read the 3rd definition) in his Senior year at a California high school. He pretty much owns life, and the biggest decision he has to make is finding out how to tell his dad he doesn’t want to go to Dartmouth because the girls there are ugly and it’s too cold. His girlfriend leaves him for a reality TV reject (1999, waaaay ahead of it’s time here) and he makes a bet with his buddy Dean that he can get any girl to be the prom queen. Dean then makes the most inexplicable move in movie history by picking diamond-in-the-rough hottie Rachel Leigh Cook as Freddie’s target.

Even though Freddie knows it’s on as soon as he checks her out to confirm her hotness, he plays it up like he can’t do it when he’s talking to Dean. Dean is a total douchebag and buys it. Then, because he’s such a self-hating loser, Dean narcs on Freddie about the bet and takes Rachel to the prom (but she almost didn’t go, this was high drama).

When she dresses up for the prom, she now becomes hot to even the most stoned high schoolers in the audience (I wasn’t fooled, I knew she was hot the whole time). Dean thinks this is a sign that she’s dressing up to take his virginity, but he is mistaken. He apparently gets a rape alarm set off in his ear (why didn’t they show this) and meets up with Freddie, who probably impregnates her 3 or 4 times with fraternal triplets or quadruplets.

Bottom line messages from this movie:

  1. Hot nerd chicks are the Holy Grail
  2. Girls like Taylor Vaughn totally lose against nerd chicks
  3. Usher is the greatest Prom DJ of all time
mercy rachel leigh cook
Put these glasses on sweetheart, trust me.


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7 responses to “End of Nerd Week: Nerd Girls

  1. ry420guy

    i’m not as fond of the movie, but i remember having a similar reaction to that part. they just took a hot chick and put some nerd glasses on her, then tried to pass her off as an ugly chick that became hot later in the movie. it’s not like wearing thick glasses and tripping over stuff suddenly make her unattractive.

  2. whatever happened to is it me, Freddie Prinze Jr., anyway?

  3. the best asset of Rachel Leigh Cook is her big brown eyes which are very very expressive and attractive ;

  4. i find the big brown eyes of rachel leigh cook very very attractive, oh i just love those eyes -`,

  5. driftwood

    When this movie first came out, I thought it was idiotic because Rachel Leigh Cook was obviously hot and it was a cop out to use a hot chick instead of an ugly chick like a real nerd chick would be. Now I know better. Although rare, there really are hot nerd chicks that go unnoticed in high school. I know because I’ve hit on them shortly after they get out of high school. Besides the nerd glasses, they also have horrible hair to hide their hotness.

  6. Annoyed

    The title of this article is misleading; I expect to read about how wonderfully awesome hot nerd chicks are. Instead, I’m reading about your take on some B-rated movie. WTF?

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