The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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There are many skills every person should have in their arsenal. Being a Grand Master of the Art of Not Giving a Fuck is one of the most overlooked and, consequently, under appreciated of these skills. At its core, it is the idea that you don’t need any external validation for your actions, opinions, or emotions. Others don’t define your reasons for doing anything, you do. And if they get misinterpreted, that won’t affect your decisions.

A lot of it is living in your own reality. This allows you to control internal emotions and be ambivalent to the outcome of events. It’s power in the rawest sense.

For example, if a girl/boy (I like how I said ‘boy’ instead of ‘guy’) doesn’t return your phone calls, you get totally rejected by an unattractive person, or someone calls you a ‘worthless human being whose own selfishness dwarfs every other emotion and feeling in your life’: the natural response would be a defensive one. This could be panicking, getting angry, or crying like the little baby you wish you still were. However, I can say that personally, I find nothing more gratifying and powerful than taking a different route by embracing the Zen of ‘not giving a fuck’.

Now, I think there’s two types of not giving a fuck: pretending you don’t give a fuck (defensive, weak) and really not giving a fuck (powerful, strong).

The key to the second one is being a selfish asshole whose own personal satisfaction will not be affected by the actions and words of the mortals who foolishly act aggressively towards you in life. I mean, who the fuck do they think they are messing with your shit like that anyway? Give me a fucking break.

It never ceases to amaze me that most of the people who try to give me advice in life are failures in life. Those same people won’t take advice from you. I think those are the group of people who make aggressive moves towards you in an effort to define your reality. If that’s true, there’s nothing they can do or say to bother me. I don’t have to pretend to not give a fuck what they think.



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8 responses to “The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

  1. Me

    I find that the frequency with which people say, “I don’t give a fuck” is often dircectly related to how much they do in fact, “give a fuck”. This conundrum really really annoys me.

  2. Robin

    I have realized that most people “give a fuck,” about everything other people say. That is why now I find it extremely enjoyable when people dislike me, to encourage their dislike by pissing them off even more. There is nothing more satisfying about “not giving a fuck” that a person dislikes you than to fuel them to an even greater extreme state of dislike b/c they just care too much what others think of them.

  3. as much as I truly don’t want to give a fuck, I do still give a fuck. I mean, I fake it and say that I don’t give a fuck, but for the most part I give a little bit of a fuck most of the time. Maybe if I keep faking giving a fuck my mind will change and I permenantly won’t give a fuck…but without faking it… ya know

  4. Robin,
    I can’t agree with you more. When it seems like you don’t give a fuck it propels them to greater dislike for you, because all they want you to do is get defensive and feel an equal amount of dislike.

    I sure hope faking it turns into really not caring…faking it just isn’t as much fun.

  5. LuLi

    I think at the deepest level we really don’t give a fuck. Its adhering to the norms of society that makes us want to appear to. Were living in a world where we’re constantly watched for signs of abnormality, and so we listen and give advice to look like we care. But we don’t. We don’t give a shit about Mary’s boy problems or the ozone layer. We just don’t want to look like the bad guys by not caring..

  6. ro42g

    The art of not giving a fuck is knowing yourself. If you know yourself, then even if you give a fuck, you will know why and thus have the power to change it.

    It’s less about not giving a fuck and more about giving a fuck when you want to. If you can turn it off and on at well to suit your own purposes, then that is zen to me.

  7. jdog

    I agree with ‘Me’
    The people who give the most fuck that i know of are girls who write bulletins on myspace titled ‘Fuck’, ‘Fuck You’ or anything with the word ‘Fuck’ in it. Oh your so disinterested in what people think that you write a bulletin, addressing potentially hundreds of people, usually announcing nothing of value. Good one.

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