Body Language

While I find the tips and musings of those in the pick-up-artist community to be mostly uninformative or nothing overly spectacular, I was taken aback a little bit by this ‘Cajun’ character I saw videos of. I got them from here: videos. To read this blog post below, you at least have to watch this video here: awesome video. Here’s a link to Cajun’s (the guy in the video) blog: Cajun’s Spice.

His mastery of body language, instead of over-reliance on making a big scene or using lines he read somewhere, is astounding to watch. See, the problem with reading tips from most pickup artists is that they won’t help you with super-hot girls. A pickup guide is great if you look like Quasimodo and you want to lose your virginity. If you’re a decent looking guy who can hold a conversation, you can accomplish that by existing. Mastering body language is key to taking it to the next level. And remember, no matter where you’re at, there’s always a next level.

It’s not surprising that Cajun attributes his success to knowledge of ‘Advanced Body Language‘. You can see it in the aforementioned awesome video: the coy look, the eyebrows, the gangsta lean, the dominant eye contact. At first, it might seem like he’s moving too frantically or using lines too much, but I figure they had to do a lot of editing to shorten it for TV. All that really matters is the girl’s reaction to him. Even though she’s clearly out of his league if you put their photos side by side, she’s convinced he’s only asking her for her number to be nice because he’s not really interested. Well played, sir.
To get to my real point, I’ve found that body language is both:

  1. An incredibly powerful form of communication
  2. Passed off as insignificant and unimportant by almost everyone I mention it to

The best way I can explain #2 is to say that people think it’s just a big joke. Like it’s totally fake and unbelievable. When I mention the power of body language, I get a reaction like I was saying I believed in Santa Claus. I think more people believe 9/11 conspiracies than believe in the power of body language.

Try giving the Alpha Stare to someone who’s pissing you off or to a girl you want to intimidate a little bit. Focus your gaze in the triangular area between both eyes and the center of their forehead and keep it there. This keeps those proverbial screws on them. As long as you keep the stare above their eye level, you’ll be keeping the pressure on them. Look like as much of a predator (don’t blink too much, narrow your eyelids) to maximize it’s effect.



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8 responses to “Body Language

  1. That video is pretty solid. I’m not a big fan of lines or any type of routine, but Cajun makes everything seem pretty natural.

    I feel like hitting the bars now…

  2. I’ve heard of this before but I would refrain from doing the Alpha stare to your boss unless of course you’re thinking of resigning anyway. More seriously, it is known to work if applied correctly.

  3. Me

    As I spent most of my life being humiliated for people (obviously including myself) while bartending I cannot possibly stress the importance of body language enough. The most socially retarded thing a guy can do is not read it correctly. But yet I see soo many men, especially when drunk, just not get it. When you talk about this Santa Claus thing I’m assuming you’re only taking to men? Because I know of NO woman who would undermine its importance. I think its one of the only real advantages we have over men in the dating world, besides you know….boobs.

  4. rob

    Those guys were both tools. and the judges were tools. I’m disappointed in you sir. I’m not trying to disagree with the meaning on your post, because I agree body language is insanely important. But I just wanted to kick both of those guys and the judges right in their baby-makers.

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  6. jdog

    4 things:
    1. Cajun is getting numbers, yes. But the girls seem very hesitant and are possibly giving fake numbers which in my area (Sydney, Australia) is a favourite of creeped out girls. Getting numbers is one thing, attracting a girl enough to sleep with or date you is new ball game.

    2. Cajun and alot of other PUA’s gameplans involve playing the numbers game, i.e. Rasing your odds of scoring by approacing multiple girls. Screw that man, my dignity is worth more than a phone number or a one night stand. But thats just me.

    3.I’ve used methods from ‘The Game’ and the old favourite ‘Double Your Dating’ by D’Angelo and it’s not fun spending your whole night ‘trying’ to score chicks. And once you get one keeping up the game up is torture. Your better off just looking for a good night and if your not a dickhead or ridiculously ugly you’ll get opportunities.

    4. I know people who’s livelihood depends on projecting the image of success. Think financial advisors, personal trainers etc. And i know many who are just scraping by financially but will go into deep debt to continue projecting the image. Luxury cars on credit, downright shady deals to get mansion and so on. I sometimes wonder if this is what those in the PUA community are doing. We take their word that they are successful with ladies and these videos project the image of success, but where’s the concrete evidence of this success? Its the oldest trick in the book: How to make a million dollars? Write a book on How to make a million dollars…

  7. my dignity is worth more than a phone number or a one night stand. But thats just me

    I’ve heard this before, but I don’t get it. For me, approaching girls (even girls I’m not interested in) isn’t disgraceful or especially taxing. It was when I first started doing it, but when I started putting my own spin on “the rules of the game” to reflect my personality, it just became a natural extension of myself that didn’t require the business-like approach it once did.

    I think you make a great 4th point, too.

  8. jdog

    As usual DC you have made perfect sense. My comment may have seemed too critical when in fact i failed to give a background to my reasons for commenting. Your blog DC is the first and only blog i have bothered reading regularly and actually comment on. You write the most accurate observation of human nature i’ve ever come across. When i read about ‘Moisties’, ‘Chicks with Short Hair’ and ‘One Man’s 6 is Another Man’s 8’ i get a Twilight Zone-like feeling come over as if to say ‘Did i write this in my sleep???’.

    Now back to my point about dignity. I guess what it comes down to is that my not approaching multiple girls is in fact just the way I play the game and not some honourable intention. So it was wrong of me to come down so hard on the PUA’s.

    Keep up the good work DC and i look forward to blogs in the future ridiculing Walking as an Olympic sport (Sport is a measure of absolute human performance. FASTEST runner, HIGHEST jumper, MOST technical gymnast etc. Now walking to me seems like a car race, but you can only put the accellerator half way down.)

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