Who’s More Sexist?

I don’t really know the answer to this one: are there more (straight) women who hate men or more (straight) men who hate women? The obvious choice is to go with more women hating men, but there are just so many guys who really hate women for “what they’ve done to them.” The biggest difference I can see is that a girl won’t bang (as many) men if she (temporarily) is juiced up on man-hatred. Most guys I know love hate-sex, so they’d have no problem banging females if they hated women.

I’m thinking that there are probably more men who hate women (and still bang them) than the other way around. Deep down, women can’t hate men. It goes back to an old adage my buddy used all the time about girls who swore off men at some point:

“They always go back to men. They need men.”

It’s just such a true statement. Girls will come up with these false notions of how “he’s changed” or “he’s matured” or “it will be different”, but the fact of the matter is: girls are too bad at initiating things and being creative to have an optimal level of fun without men being involved. You know, that and the fact that girls need sex a lot more than guys do. Emphasis on need.

I’m pretty sure men don’t need women until they’re old, probably because they need someone to take care of their increasing health problems.



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5 responses to “Who’s More Sexist?

  1. You’re right. Men don’t need women(for anything other than sex) . Its a myth and its only compounded by these beta boy losers who settle down early and actively look for relationships.


  2. Me

    I think you can kind of boil it down to emotions, plain and simple. I think women hate men more, love men more, and everything else in between men more just because we “feel more”. I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with need. We just get more mushy about guys because we’re more mushy about everything, chick fights…faaaar worse than fights that are guy vs girl. They’re gross. Which is what brings me to my point about sexism. I find myself significantly more sexist towards women than I am towards men. Sound crazy? It is. For example when fighting with men I find that more women say, “God I hate being a girl” than “Eww I hate men”. We get mad at ourselves and our sex because we have to float around being so mushy. Chicks who might respond to this saying, “You’re full of it, I’m not like that, you’re generalizing..” You’re right I am, and you’re a liar if you say you don’t feel more than the average man….

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  4. ro42g

    There are waves of women throwing themselves at dudes and getting rejected left and right. Dudes can handle the rejection, but these women must be devastated by now. Too bad the lame, emotional dudes won’t talk to them.

    Like my friend always says, women are cowards. Rejection will almost certainly destroy a woman’s self-esteem. They go out of their way to put themselves into positions where they can’t get hurt or kicked to the curb, but they always fall for the silver tongue, simple schemes, and false promises.

  5. gstoneawong

    And you guys say Woman are sexist….
    this post is oozing sexist comments.

    My God….

    I don’t know what to say first the fact that scientifically Men have a three day cycle so technically in your words, your wrong. Woman don’t need the sex, men do. Or, that the reason we ‘Keep coming back…’, have you ever thought that maybe just maybe that one girl who kept coming back actually saw something ‘good’ in you?? Just asking, i mean this might sound bitchy, but i’m just asking that maybe in all of your guys’ experiences that girl could’ve liked the sex, but she could’ve also just liked you too.

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