Softball, Steriods, and Drunken Orgies

I read this story this morning. Full coverage and analysis to come if I feel like it later on.

Edit: You know what, this doesn’t even deserve the space on this blog. This story is overblown, as I can tell now from the obnoxious number of buzzwords (mafia, orgy, steroids, etc.) the prison official uses in his assessment of the situation. And I watched the associated video, where I uncovered the punchline to this story: the prison official is writing a book on how he cleaned house. Unbelievable, CNN should be ashamed of themselves.



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2 responses to “Softball, Steriods, and Drunken Orgies

  1. rob

    oh man. i never watched the video. if this dude is writing a book on it than the whole thing is probably bullshit and blown out of proportions. i am sad =(

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