Chicks With Short Hair

hot girl with long hair

Holy shit, nothing makes a girl more instantly unattractive than having short hair. Out of the 15-20 girls who I saw before and after getting a short haircut, approximately 0% of them looked better with short hair. Actually, exactly 0% of them looked better with short hair. It sucks, and it should be outlawed from this country.

Since the DC Hero is all about action because he’s had enough of the dialogue, let’s move on from the discussion about whether or not girls should have short hair, agree that they shouldn’t, and think about how we can reverse this disturbing phenomenon.

I propose blatant discrimination of all girls under the age of 30 who are not married and have hair shorter than ‘shoulder-length’. Exceptions will be made in extraordinary circumstances. If you feel you qualify for such an exception, send an email with a picture to helpmehero at gmail dot com and, if prompted, be prepared to show up in person at my Arlington headquarters on the Sunday following your email for an inspection. A passed inspection will exempt you for a year. 2 years if you ‘ace’ it.

Now what happens if you have hair shorter than the discriminatory length and you don’t have an exception? I have an army of Mexicans working at almost every restaurant in the greater Washington metro area. They are equipped with castor oil vials that they are currently testing on the fat people I’m trying to get rid of. (Yeah, fatty, eat those mashed potatoes. You’ll regret you ever ate anything 2 hours from now.) You could go to a restaurant where no Mexicans work in the back. Good luck with that one. I’ll sick them on you like skinny White boys on Asian girls.

There’s no worse feeling than chronic diarrhea. I almost wish that being forced to take diarrhea-inducing medication was a sentence for a crime, or used in conjunction with a jail sentence. I mean, what crime would be equivalent to being on the john for 8 hours a day with chronic diarrhea for something like 3 years? Man, that’s disgusting. Too bad for you that I don’t read or edit this stuff before I post it.



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  1. that started out good but then went way off topic. help yourself hero.

  2. i read this now, and in my weaker moments, i might agree with you ava. however, because this post satisfied reason #1 why i started this blog (to entertain myself), i don’t care. btw, my blog is still better than yours.

    • Designer

      If you’re not going to be professional enough to use proper grammar, design a legitimate site, and respect the opinions of others, you shouldn’t have this sad excuse for a web page.

  3. oh hero,

    so many possible topics. i’m just glad i was one of your inspirations for starting your blog. it’s clear your thoughts had to be shared with other bloggers and blog readers a like. and you just think your’s is better because you talk about things that interest you (girls and fat people); i’m sorry mine is a little deeper than that.

  4. Me

    Ava nothing is off topic when it ends in diarrhea (what an impossible word to spell). But now back to the original subject at hand: Nia Long Nia Long Nia Long

  5. Connelly

    i really like the last paragraph about diarrhea for some reason. i think i’ve gone totally insane. you’re a regular james joyce, dc hero.

  6. rob

    “nothing is off topic if it ends in diarrhea”

    quote of the century

  7. T.

    First, short hair is hot. Winona with short hair is like a million times better than Winona with long hair. When a chick truly has a hot face, all that extra hair just gets in the way, unless she needs it to camoflauge some big ears like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    And a good bout of diarrhea can be so cleansing. Not sure if it’s a good punishment.

  8. alissa

    you suck. i have short hair and i think it is good. you are pretty much insulting your friend’s brothers’ girlfriend. nice going. 🙂

  9. how does winona look better with short hair? that doesn’t even make sense. have you seen her with long hair? she looks so much better.

    • jo

      yes, which is exactly why she looks better with short hair, like almost all ACTUALLY attractive women. if you’re truly pretty and feminine looking, pulling off shorter hair is a breeze.

  10. T.

    Nah, I firmly believe the hotter you are, the less you need long hair. When you’re a 7 or 8, I think that long hair is a great way to fool people into thinking you’re a strong 9, but for a genuine flawless beauty, that extra hair just gets in the way. Short hair screams confidence to me. When a woman is deathly afraid to cut off her hair, it signals she’s insecure about her face and can’t let it stand on its own and thinks her hair is the best part of her.

    • jo

      THANK YOU! took the words I hadn’t even thought of but deep down inside had wanted to say right outta my mouth. I know girls who are obsessed with their long hair, and as if obsession with your looks wasn’t insecure enough, the long hair point you made makes it even more obvious. all this time I thought short hair was prettier, but maybe it was just that (aside from Emma Watson… bleh) it’s the GIRLS who are so pretty they can pull off short hair will and it only shows off their attractive features… I mean Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg, Winona Ryder, Audrey Tautou- those girls were FAMOUS for cutting their hair and people loved it!

  11. oo good point about the confidence, but it’s still not very eye appealing

  12. It might look ok short, but it’s definitely better to pull/run-fingers-through long hair. No question really.

  13. IDicky

    I wholeheartly agree with this post. Most women( and by most I mean like 99%) look far worst with a short hairdo versus longer one. I’m defining short hairdo as anything under 3 inches. Ladies, if you can grow your hair long, than please do so. You will look far more attractive. Unless you want to look like a middle-aged soccer Mom or a 12 year old boy(depending on the size of your milkshake), don’t do it! Even the 1% of women who can pull off the “boy” cut pretty well, would still look better with longer hair….. Even Nia Long.

  14. Just caught this post…hrm, I’m a short-haired lady (chin-length bob, usually). I’ve found that I get hit on about three times as often when my hair is short vs. when my hair is long.

    Possible reasons?
    1. Short hair is more flattering on me.
    2. I’m more confident with short hair.
    3. Long hair makes me look like I’m 14.

    I’ll go for #3.

  15. Shannon, sounds like you’ll have to keep making your hairstyles longer and longer as you get older, always a good youth-trick to have in your back pocket.

  16. shortbeatnik

    I am also a chick with short hair. 🙂 But I like it. And dudes like it. And so do chicks.

    Which is why I keep it short. 😉

  17. Frankie

    Your itch, if not disgust, about their short haircut is their revenge and their pleasure. But mostly, it is an excellent means of partner selection.

    Men like long and shiny hair, as well as long nails, for the reason that it is a clear indication of good health. Long hair shows that a woman has been on a healthy diet for a long time. No need to explain that men prefer to dump their sperm in a genetically superior woman.

    Many bright women have enough of being a walking advertisement for their own genetic equipment. They want to force people, especially men, to regard them as human beings in stead of wombs on legs. Bright men will look through the absence of the hair-advertisement on the girl and will be able nontheless to judge wether she is healthy. Intelligent men care more about her actual wellbeing as a person than about her superficial health-signs (those signs being a promise of superior offspring and, more important, a status symbol to be seen with by their male competitors: having a beautiful woman makes one climb in rank and makes it thus more likely to get more healthy women in the future to dump sperm in).

    Of course not every short-haired girl is conscious of this reason. There are even plenty of unintelligent women who cut their hair, mistakenly assuming that it is attractive somehow.

    No. It is not. It is indeed not attractive. Not on a biological level. And it is exactly this one sided emphasis that men put on women as being ultimately biologically interesting creatures – and nothing else when it really comes down to it – that causes the resistance-movement of short haired women.

  18. Cake

    I’ve had short hair since last semester, and in that time period I’ve been on more dates and gotten more compliments than I ever had.

    I stand out, and I rock it. I wouldn’t go out with someone judgmental like some of you dudes anyway.

  19. Frankie, are you saying girls should cut their hair short to sort out which men like them for who they are? No man with options would put up with that shit. The men who would like them are the ones who can’t get hot chicks with long hair. Secretly, they’ll wish you had long hair so they could pull it during the oh-moments.

    Cake, good for you. I’m assuming the short hair builds your confidence, which is attractive. I bet longer hair with the same swagger wouldn’t hurt, but then again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  20. Frankie

    “Men with options” are the dumbest. They have let their intelligence sink to the most egotistic spot there is. As far as they are intelligent. For it requires intelligence to keep the brain function in the head. As an intelligent girl it’s best to make sure to keep those sad competing penises out of your way. What do they need their “options” for anyway? Do they need anybody to support them physically? Economically? Intellectually (forget this with the option man)?

    The only support girls really want in the end is emotional support. And they’re not going to get it from “men with options”, who appear to have less and less options anyway because more and more women discover their own options and select for other qualities in men than muscles, IQ without EQ and economic status.

    Didn’t I hear you say somewhere that you didn’t want to be a power-guy in a suit? Apparently what you meant deep down was: I can’t get to the candy, so I will pretend I don’t want the candy. A clear case of cognitive dissonance.

  21. johnny five

    short-haired women should come on leashes, if only because no woman should lack an easily accessible part to grab and pull as they thrash around during sex.

    i mean, would a ninja want a sword without a handle? that would be pretty stupid.

  22. Meeko

    The diarrhea thing was pretty funny, but some of you dudes need to seriously revamp your thinking. Some girls look good with short hair and some don’t, end of story.

  23. nik

    you’re a dick. short hair does exude confidence. some women and men believe that long hair is associated with beauty, when in fact many women should chop off their nappy long hair because it isn’t doing a thing for them. and as for saying all women should have long hair, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone was the same?

  24. Jana

    I’m with Frankie. I haven’t had long hair since the first grade and I’m 20 years old. I beleive that short hair does indeed exude confidence. Also it is the year 2008. It’s not like the caveman days when man grunts, grabs his woman by the hair, and drags her off to his cave to have his way. Update your thinking a little. We won’t bake you pies and do your laundry any more. Women have taken a stance of power in this nation and men like you DC feel threatened by it. We have choices now and I’m almost certain that no self respecting woman who knows that this is how you feel would ever dream of choosing a chauvinist such as yourself

  25. Yo, what the fuck? How does short hair exude confidence, can someone explain that to me? Is it because short hair looks worse and it takes a confident girl to “pull it off” (whatever that means)? Does being a fat girl exude confidence too?

    And Jana, it’s men (not women) who now have more choices than ever. The feminist revolution has produced more single women than at any other time in American history, maybe you missed the memo.

  26. Short hair “exudes confidence” because a lot of women fiddle with their hair when they’re nervous. If you have short hair, you’ll eventually learn to stand up straight and not fidget so much.

    I keep mine short (but feminine 1920’s bob short, not a crew cut) because it looks better on me, it’s easier to deal with, and I’m more comfortable that way. All of those things add up to me feeling more confident with short hair.

  27. hawkeye

    More women are single now. Yes. But that DOES NOT mean men have more chances. They are single for several reasons, one being freedom from being a slave to men.

    Adjust your thinking. Cutting our hair off also helps weed out the asshole guys that are just interested in superficial qualities. JERK!

  28. Yuri

    I hate girls with short hair, it makes them look like feminists.

  29. Frankie

    Yuri, how nice of you to try to make me and many other women feel important, by hating feminists (mind you, I accomplished this without short hair). I do appreciate your intentions. But what I am really thankful for is that hating feminists legitimates the feminist movement and makes it grow. Excellent job.

  30. Frankie

    DC Hero, female confidence does not revolve around male attention, as much as you would love it to be that way.

  31. Finnish Pixie

    First of all, it should be clear to everybody that since every human being looks different, there’re some hair styles that fit better for some ones than for other ones. Long hair doesn’t look good on everybody, for some faces and head + body shapes the short cut just looks better. To look hot and feminine/girly in short hair cut requires more – all the face features will be shown off and the short cut will reveal the shoulders and the neck in a very sensual way.. So that’s why the long hair , stereotypically speaking, goes “ok” for most of the women and the short cut looks hot just for some.

    Mia Farrow’s famous shot cut made her look even more fragile, girly, innocent and petite than her long hair style. Kylie Minoque in super pixie short.. very much better than her bob.
    Meg Ryan, Audrey Hebburn, Audrey Tautou ( from Amelie),Judy Dench, Shirley McLaine – some of these ladie make the short hair look sweet, some spiky, some funny but yet attractive.
    If one can’t see these aesthetic things in an individual way, what can anyone else say? Matters of taste, yes.
    “All women should wear long hair.” Wrong. All women should be themselves, looking smoking hot individually.
    Ps. Sorry for my spelling, English is not my native language. *Finnish blushing*

  32. Finnish Pixie, that is a great moniker.

  33. Finnish Pixie

    What does “moniker” mean? It’s not found in English-Finnish-dictionary. Hopefully it’s something nice.:)

  34. Oh Finnish Pixie, moniker is just another word for nickname, pseudonym, username.

  35. fiddle

    Wow, I haven’t come across a chauvinistic pig this big and obvious in quite some time. With those male dominating opinions over something as insignificant as hair length, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get exactly what you want: A long-haired woman living with a 50’s mentality with no confidence to find a man who actually respects her personal decisions. Because no self-respecting woman would waste her time with a selfish animal like you. Please excuse me as I go chop all my hair off.

  36. I have chin length hair, and I’m cutting it shorter tomorrow. Oh, and did I mention I was a MODEL. Someone MUST find me and my short hair attractive for me to be able to do that. Plenty of people, including myself adore short hair and think it’s sexy. Let’s be a little more intelligent, ci?

  37. Melanie

    I’m a hot chick w/beautiful, long, strawberry-blonde hair. Couldn’t decide whether or not to cut it short (choppy chin-length) tomorrow. Now my decision is made – it’s coming off! To me it’s just hair, didn’t know some males read that much into it. Sad, but you will no doubt end up with the woman you deserve. Thanks!!

  38. Now my decision is made – it’s coming off!

    Melanie, let’s say you were married to a man who loved you, really loved you, and he told you as much when he ran his fingers through your beautiful strawberry-blonde hair. Then let’s say you brought up cutting your hair off and asked him what he thought. If he said “you can do whatever you want, I’ll love you with or without the hair, but I’ll miss your hair”: would you keep it for him? Or would you decide to get it cut, thinking he’ll get over it?

  39. Crystal

    I grow my hair long to donate it for ‘locks of love’, ‘wigs for kids’, etc. When my hair is a short pixie cut I get way more compliments from men and women. I was the hot chick with the short hair in college & the typical girl with long blonde hair in H.S. My husband prefers my hair short & even fell in love with me while I had short hair. Women should cut their hair according to the shape of their face. I also agree it takes confidence for a woman to cut her hair short because of men like you. Get with the times.

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  41. Steiny

    DC, i wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard this before but i’m afraid you’re probably the most shallow, primitive asshole…and i agree with fiddle in that you’ll probably end up getting who you’re asking for. a girl with big jugs, long hair, and the intellectual capacity of a teaspoon. I’m sorry to have to tell you that no intelligent, self respecting woman in their right mind would go for a guy like you.

  42. rainingcrow

    totally disagree!!!! nothing makes a girl instantly hotter than short hair! omg how freaking sexy is the winona ryder pic up there?! and not to mention natalie portman in v for vendetta or katee sackhoff in season one of bsg… and the best, absolute hottest two singers of all time, pink and ani difranco!!!

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  44. Malyn

    “Holy shit, nothing makes a girl more instantly unattractive than having short hair. Out of the 15-20 girls who I saw before and after getting a short haircut, approximately 0% of them looked better with short hair. Actually, exactly 0% of them looked better with short hair. It sucks, and it should be outlawed from this country.”

    Wow, nice opinion. Listen, I can understand if you detest girls with short hair, that’s all a matter of opinion, but when you speak condescendingly about us, you just look stupid and ignorant. It looks ridiculous when you write a comment saying it should be outlawed because nobody can outlaw anything here when you think it looks bad. You just look like a whinny prep who is self-conscious about her own looks and is taking it out on a group in particular. I really don’t mind if you just said you dislike short hair on girls, but when you have to rant on and on about something that does not directly impact you, you just look like a superficial little girl who cries when she doesn’t get her way.

    By the way, I think you are fatuous and very dull.

  45. me… i’ve always had long hair.
    but i deffinately know that girls with short hair can be just as sexy as those with long.

    to me your’e just another asshole scum bag man with a shallowsahllowshallow taste in women…
    well i LOVE my long hair.
    but i also love people who have courage to wear their hair short with confidence when pricks like you go on about how yourrrrr dick needs a girl with long hair….
    well gooood fucking luck finding one.
    but when your’e looking… don’t tell them about your blogs.

    haha BLOGS

  46. Tracy

    What about women who grow their hair out, specifically for the purpose of donating it to a good cause — like Locks of Love? Are these women in the pile of “exceptions” to the rule?

    And really — what is wrong with short hair? If the girl in question is desirable to you in every single way, but she has short hair, are you going to pass her over?

  47. beynz

    i’m horrified by how superficial your opinions are.
    short hair should be banned? who are you to make such a statement?
    times have moved on from the stereotypical housewife with long locks, big boobs, a tiny waste- tied to the kitchen sink.
    women now have power and choices.
    choices that include how we look.
    not every man is as pig-headed as some of those who have commented here, my boyfriend certainly loves my pixie crop.
    its indie, stylish and i get complimented EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  48. frog

    not sure how I got here looking for something in DC but I too must fully agree women with short hair are totally confident and smokin hot!
    But if you base your initial impression on a women w/o talking to her your doomed hero….

    • Karyn Roberts

      I definitely get laid more with short hair. I’m not sure WHY. But I had massively long hair for a while–beautiful, blonde locks. Then I chopped them super short. Maybe guys think I’m edgier now and will do kinky things to them in bed? Well, I will, and do.

      Life is good with short hair. It’s about personal preference and having OPTIONS. Saying that all women should only be allowed to have a certain length of hair is about as feminist as saying all women should stay bare foot and pregnant.

      There’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing to be a stay-at-home mother and wife, but it’s when we eliminate the right to chose, that things get a little early 20th century on our asses.

  49. nothing makes a girl more instantly unattractive than having short hair??

    thanks so much – and I’ll say this from all the women in the world who have had to have chemo for cancer and end up completely bald – then we have short hair for which we are eternally grateful…my, my, but how shallow you are!!

    Malyn, Lauren – nice one…

  50. kaevmon aenok

    Girls with short hair are great looking, long haired blonds are usually ugly, and too girly girls are irritating. Not to mention they spend too much on clothes, accesories, makeup, and gossip too much. =(
    Keep it nice dressing like a tomboy and with nice short hair. Girls can also look great in dress or sleeveless cotton shirts and in jeans or camo pants.

  51. sam

    robyn rihanna fenty has short hair and i think she’s gorgeous…I happen to think some girls look great with short hair or great with long hair, or both

  52. Heather

    you know that those aren’t the same girls in the two pictures right?

  53. Heather, my b. I’ll look for 2 pictures of the same hot girl with long hair and short hair and put them up. Will Britney work?

  54. maria

    Found this amazing pic of Winona when doing research on short haircuts. I love it. That’s what I’m gonna show the hairdresser on Thursday. Thanks for putting it there.
    (I also think Britney looks absolutely gorgeous in her shaved head)

  55. TFP

    rofl, that blog was hilarious.. *sigh*
    sarcasm is amazing.

  56. RSP

    I know that it’s too late for you, Maria, but for you others who are debating. What most people mean when they say that Winona looks good with short hair is that her face is still pretty despite having a dismal short haircut. I agree with the OP that short hair makeovers are almost NEVER an improvement. Ever see a gal in the midst of a grow-out? She looks hotter with every month that passes! And women exude elegance at every age with long hair. “Draggging down the face”, bah!

  57. RSP

    Oh, and Locks of Love is a very suspect outfit, awash in millions of ponytails. KEEP your dang locks for yourselves.

  58. Tallulah

    hmmm….. i totally think chicks with short hair are gorgeous. i might cut my hair from about boob-length to shoooooort, like the pic above. i just want to take a risk and maybe get a hot guy that cares more about me more than my stupid hair that will grow back anyway. to all you NON chauvinist pigs, thanks! you have totally enlightened me on how short haired people are viewed. i personally love it, and i’m glad i will be accepted when it all comes off =). any advice on what looks good on round heads??? (i’m still a little undecided…)

  59. Roxanne

    I have the longest hair out of anyone I know (feet and feet of sexy hair). I like my hair long, but sadly, men are attracted to it. Unfortunately, men are probably too stupid to be think about much else other than how hott I am with my hair short or long, and most men here will probably be too stupid not to see that I am right, but this topic almost gives me hope. Just almost.

    The more you pathetic walking penises express disgust over short hair, the more happy I would be to give myself the most repulsive short haircut I can possibly find.

  60. Roxanne

    (Not that all short haircuts are necessarily repulsive on anyone)

  61. Wow, it never fails to amaze me how utterly different heterosexual men’s opinions of what is beautiful is from women’s and gay men’s (most fashion designers). Here’s what it comes down to ladies. These preferences are biological.

    You can call us stupid and shallow all you like but the shrill tone of this debate highlights the fact that you are pissing into the wind. As much as you wish to deny simple biological reality, it’s a fact of life. This is the main failing of the feminist movement is that it’s ideologically based and ignores the scientific facts.

    We have evolved to respond to certain gender cues that are linked to hormonal expression. Square-jawed men are more attractive. Big-eyed women are more attractive. Period. This isn’t going to change. I’m sure we all can agree that people should be free to follow their own path. I and most men I know think women should have the same opportunities we do, and you do. This has nothing to do with what we find attractive, and what role we seek for long term partners to play. This isn’t chauvinism, it’s biology.

    So have at it, cut your hair off; be as much of a head in the sand ideologue as you like, just remember that this will indeed impact your ability to get the highest caliber mate.

    Vive la difference

    • Anya

      By high caliber, do you mean a primitive meat head? I’ll pass. The hottest and “highest caliber” mates that I’ve found dig women with short hair. Perhaps it is because they aren’t intimidated by it, or maybe they like seeing more of a pretty face. I’ve found that the more intelligent men tend to appreciate a woman who has better things to do than constantly fret over her appearance.

  62. Hannah

    Hey, its a good thing most women dont cut their hair because they care what you think then, isnt it? I have short hair, and contrary to your petty remarks, I’ve gotten more complements than I ever did when I had long hair. And contrary to what goes on inside your small head, women can do whatever they please with their hair and you dont have a say in it at all. It’s a darn good thing your not in charge of this country, we’d be dead.

  63. not a feminist... just not an idiot.

    holy cow. how is it that some woman has yet to cut off your dick?? and yeah those pictures aren’t both of winona ryder and… HAVE YOU SEEN NATALIE PORTMAN BALD?? i mean she has to be the hottest person in the world… including the ones WITH hair! you’d pretty much have to have no interest in women to think she’s not sexy… i’m sorry your first girlfriend had short hair and dumped you and you’re still trying to hash that out in your inner psyche.

  64. Passing femenist

    oh my jesus, how misogenistic can you actually get? I personally had rather long hair, blonde, and almost down to my waist. It was hard to manage and i never got compliments except on how long it was. When i was about 16 I got it cut into a rockchick short style and dyed it black, blue, purple and pink, and i have been getting compliments about it ever since. alot of people tell me how brave i must have been to just do it, and i do believe that a big change and short hair that opens up your face is an incredibly good thing. i also think someone, hopefully eve ensler, with mince your penis

  65. Girlwithshorthair

    sometimes freedom of speech can be really irritating, your whole blog is such an example

  66. Zac

    i dont care as long as guys can have the option of long hair no longer than 2ft(24inches) tho…unless u goin for a record or something

  67. Lea

    What makes you think women are born to please your genitals? Don’t be so self-centered. Women are human beings just trying to get shit done too. Just because they were born with vaginas doesn’t mean they aspire to be objectified. Come in her hair if you must, but keep your ignorance the fuck out of the gene pool.

  68. andeh

    I think most of the women cut their hair short,to experience something new… there are men with long hair,and men who wear their hair short… why should women not have the same options?
    I don’t you should judge others and say they shouldn’t have their hair short… if you like long-haired women,fine.choose only those who have long hair….there are enough women with long hair you can choose in this world, stop criticizing people just because you don’t like how they wear their hair 😐

  69. =p

    I used to have hair down to my ass, and it made me look like a meek Amish girl. I now have hair that is about 4 inches long at the longest, and that is because I am overdue for a haircut. Excuse me male assholes, but long hair is not for everyone. I have an awesome face and an awesome body, and the hair just gets in the way of the face. Why would I want to hide something awesome? Oh, and men: have you ever HAD long hair? It takes half an hour to wash, longer to dry, and forever to comb out. Not to mention that since I have thick hair, it weighed literal pounds. Grow your own hair out to your ass and see how you like it!

  70. J

    I don’t understand why you think anyone should care about how you feel about short haired girls. Go ahead and find an orange-tanned, big titted bimbo with long hair, then leave the “short hair” google search alone. No woman with any degree of self-respect would give you the time of day. This blog post just advertises to the world the fact that you are unworthy of a healthy relationship. I obviously don’t know what you look like, but I certainly don’t imagine a Brad Pitt stud sitting down to write a pathetic blog post about something so very trivial as the way women choose to wear their hair. I’m seeing more of a chubby, sweaty grease-face with flabby muscles and an oversized Hot Topic tshirt. Good luck with all that, I’m gonna go enjoy being a gorgeous pixie with a fine-ass boyfriend.

  71. Jessi

    wow, i loved reading this. then i realized that i just wasted 20-30 mins of my life reading a blog about female hair length. when it boils down to it, attraction is not the same for everyone, and that’s a good thing. i mean, i prefer men with short hair, but sometimes a hottie will come along and change my mind. you just don’t have to be such an ass about it dc. girls: do whatever makes you feel sexy and confident. i personally wore my hair very short (1-4 inches) for 8 years and have recently grown it very long (middle of my back). i feel confident both ways, and i get hit on the same amount both ways. i mean we are talking about hair! who cares.?

  72. womenrbeautiful

    you’re all degrading, sexist assholes.

  73. Ashlyn

    What about women who want to be less attractive? Or lesbians?
    I plan on cutting my hair extremely short and dyeing it blond soon. My ex-boyfriend raped me repeatedly. He loves long dark hair, so i would like my hair to the opposite. In response to comments on fat people, i am working on becoming as skinny as possible. Not only is this something i have wanted for a long time, but it’s another thing that would turn off my ex. He likes “curvy” girls. I hope that when he next sees me, i am disgusting to him. Honestly, I’d really prefer that nobody find me attractive. I’d rather be left alone.

  74. Angry Female

    You are v. dumb what people do with thier hair is their own business. I know you’re trying to be funny but it really doesn’t work. Get a life.

  75. Man, what? They almost always look better with short hair! Long hair = yuck! Everyone looks better with short hair. Who would want so much hair dangling all over you, collecting oil, leaving long strands all over the place, eww!

  76. Michelle

    If you’re an exceptionally attractive girl (face-wise), you’ll benefit from having shorter hair. It’ll be undoubtedly more attractive than having it long.

    If you have an unattractive, or even average face, stick with long hair.

    Long hair is usually seen as more attractive because it does a good job at hiding facial asymmetries (with an off-center part, hair asymmetry/layers adding to this effect), and not only that, but you can create the illusion of having a more desirable face shape with longer hair. It can hide and mask things you don’t like about your face, or even neck (which is why short exudes confidence to people).

    However, if you already have desirable features, you’re symmetrical, and have very feminine features already (big eyes, big lips, nice cheeks, etc.), long hair is an injustice. If you’re that beautiful, you should cut your hair off to flaunt that–no need to hide behind massive hair or create any illusions.

    Example: Take a look at Jean Seberg… that girl from ‘Breathless’. I believe she ranked #1 most attractive female from all time (from a source I forgot, sorry), and she was famous for her pixie cut.

    ..also, I’ve met many men who are MORE attracted to short hair. Sure, it goes against the biological/evolutionary grain, but based on studies, it has been shown men who are attracted to things that go against our evolutionary history (ie, they tend not to cheat on their girlfriends, tend to be atheists, liberal, like shorter hair, etc), have have higher IQs.

    Sooo, as a female, if you were to cut you’re hair off, in a sense you’d you’re gaining access to higher quality males.


    And that is why,

    SHORT>LONG if you have a very attractive face.
    SHORT<LONG if you have an average, or below average, level of facial attractiveness.

  77. stosh

    i’m not sure what is funnier, DC
    how you probably have never been laid –
    or how you probably never will be.

    Seriously Guess Vintage? What year is it? 1995? Hey lame ass, it’s no longer 1995. Chick’s have short hair, because what year is it? 2010. I imagine you’re a fairly nerdy lonely boy.

    Why don’t you put down the Gateway laptop, move out of your parent’s house, and try to become more than the “i’m a sarcastic bitch blogger with a wordpress account. people think i’m funny and offensive. unfortunately i have zero self confidence and cannot talk to babes in public. but my gateway computer gets me off, so that’s okay. my vintage guess makes me seem prep enough to score- if only i had a set of balls or at least a high school diploma i might stand a chance. but my mom buys me cheetos, and my dad isn’t masculine either, so in the end it all makes sense.”

  78. Jordan

    Short hair can be sexy. A girl who can pull off a short hair cut or a boyish hair cut is sexier than a girl with just the average long straight hair cut. Yes, I understand how that is more appealing to men but honestly men are shallow and can’t look past something so little. Usually having short hair is a strong attribute, and signifies strength and confidence in a women, no one should be insulting.

  79. ldes

    oh wow, THANK you.

    Up to now, I couldn’t find a good picture to match the image I have in my head of the haircut I want. Now armed with this great high-res image that appeared on the first page of an image search for “womens short haircut”, I’m laughing!

  80. In some cases short hair can look better on some than longer hair.

  81. OneIndividual

    “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

    wise words.

  82. Rachel

    I would first like to congratulate you on making a statement so irritating and controversial that people feel the need to compulsively tell you how full of sh*t you are for two whole years! 08-10 baby, congratulations!!

    I’ve had short hair, and I’ve had long hair. I still got attention from every guy in school (I was only ickle back then) when I had short hair, even though I was about a stone heavier then too. There was one guy who didn’t want to date me because I had short hair and it put me off for a long time. In retrospect (and I’ve had many chances with him since, although I wouldn’t go near him now) he was an ass. He’s ended up with a fat, unnatractive girl with waist-length hair who probably suited him a lot better. Like a lot of people who have commented on here I’ve been considering getting my hair cut again but I can’t decide. I will say that I have a great bf who’s been after me to get it cut for ages, and who thinks bobs and short cuts are very sexy. The hottest girl at my Uni by general agreement (who unfortunately was a massive ho) had v short hair and a beatiful face. In a sea of long-haired girls she stood out and by the end of the year half the girls had got theirs cut too. Long hair is great if your face isn’t that pretty, because it can conceal a lot of evils. I think with the right features it often makes a pretty girl look exceptional. I would be curious about how old you are (2 years older now than when you wrote this!) and whether you’ve rethought your opinion. I haven’t heard something this stupid since I was sixteen, and like I said, he was an ass.

  83. Scarlett

    Wahey. I love random internet sites telling me I’m ugly :L

  84. LunaMagnolia

    I’m kind of annoyed by your assumption that a girl’s beauty is only to please the males who see her. Making it a joke will not stop some people from being offended.

  85. I’m very pleased with this product. My hair is graying and this color matches my hair much better than the previous product I was using. With that product I had to use two different colors (gray and brown) to get the same effect as gray with Super Million. It also shakes out more easily. I will be buying more.

  86. Hotgirl

    Hi, I would just like yo say that I don’t care about your silly opinions regarding the length of my hair. I don’t cut my hair to look attractive for you. I do it because I feel confident in myself when I have short hair. Your opinions on fat people are deeply offensive, and I think you should take a good look at your life, and try putting yourself in their shoes. And death threats are so rude. Think before you speak next time

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