Abortions: At Lowest Rate Since 1974

baby mama drama

This caught me off guard. Abortions are unambiguously decreasing in the United States. I read this ABC News story that talked about two different reasons why this was happening: more access to emergency contraception and fewer abortion clinics being open.

Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it’s because getting married is getting played out, and heroes like Shawn Kemp (12 or 13 illy’s) and Travis Henry (9 illy’s in 9 different states, talk about getting around) have paved the way for men and women alike to embrace the bastardization of America’s youth. And the baby mama’s are making more than their scrubs anyway, so girls can afford to be single mom’s now, unlike back in the 70s.

And after those kids get old enough to stay home alone, look out. Those cougars are on the prowl.


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One response to “Abortions: At Lowest Rate Since 1974

  1. Another reason legal abortions are down is the increase in at-home abortions. Infact I’ve had a steady stream of side income for the past three years doing just that… you may have heard of it..

    “Jack’s Hard Stomach Punching Emporium: The first punch will cost ya, the next 20 are on the house!”

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