Word of the Day: Fasturbate

Defined as:

1) the act of masturbating when in a hurry

2) masturbation under time-restrictions

Thank you, urban dictionary, I needed a term for this. I’d like to propose a new word in the same vein: fasturbang. I mean, let’s be real, time is money.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Fasturbate

  1. now that i’m crashing in someones living room, I had to fasterbate while my roommate was in the shower.

    good word

  2. Me

    Silly “me” for thinking that one of the 18 intellectual conversations we had last night, one of which was described (by a fellow bartender) as ” the smartest thing I’ve ever heard a man say” would merit a post today. But no, I am reading about fasturbating instead. Which as clearly underlined by my little red friend is not really a word. Or really that new of an idea, men have been fasturbating for years and women hope to God that we never have to catch it. In the sheer terror that we’ll have to see “that face”.

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